Statuses for WhatsApp – The Most Popular List

Statuses for WhatsApp are an essential part when registering your profile. If you have something to say, express your thought, and be sure that the reaction of friends will please you. Let's figure out what the status in WhatsApp is for.

Why do you need status?

The developers of our beloved messenger do not want standstill. Earlier, we had the opportunity to post only text to express our feelings, emotions, or tell friends about what is going on, what your mood is, and generally where you are. You can learn how to write text status from our article.

Now we have the opportunity to be used for the status of pictures, photos, and even gifs so that it is more exciting and creative. Well, we, too, are not far behind, and therefore decided to tell you about all the possibilities of statuses on our portal.

The status can be about anything, because both men and women write them, and everyone has different hobbies and character traits. Some people prefer single phrase WhatsApp Status. When choosing a massage for yourself, be restrained, give preference to concise and beautiful phrases that can show you only from the best side.

Statuses for WhatsApp: useful features

  • Through textual status, people express themselves;
  • often a right phrase is the beginning of an interesting conversation;
  • you can cheer up friends (using jokes and jokes );
  • if you feel sad and want care and attention, post something sad and beautiful, or, on the contrary, a little aggressive. Watching what kind of reaction from the audience you are waiting for. Just do not overdo it, because your reputation must remain impeccable, not spoil it.
  • You can make love or apologize in a beautiful form. But still, you should not be too frank. After all, this is your personal life.

Experiment and choose a status that will only be understood by the "chosen ones" from your circle of friends. It's even better to dwell on some beautiful saying without specifics. The mystery is your hobby 🙂

We offer you the following options for text statuses for different occasions.

  • Why is it a pity to exist when you can live well?
  • Do not worry about what you cannot change. Release them and boldly move forward.
  • It is your life, and no one will live better than you!
  • Just close your eyes and let raindrops heal your heart.
  • It is vital to preserving the Human in yourself under any circumstances.
  • Plans for the day - live to see tomorrow.
  • Do not trust words - trust your eyes and actions.
  • Many cures for love, but none of them are reliable.
  • Yes, sometimes, you have to delete many from your life. But you can't even think about how much I love those who remain in it!
  • They are mistaken in weather forecasts, but vying to predict the end of the World in a couple of years.
  • It's annoying to drink with someone who does not hide anything.
  • The wind is the richest in the World. We are used to throwing not only money on him but also words and promises.
  • It isn't genius to spend your time on the person who does not want to spend it with you.
  • True beauty has no nationality.
  • Have you ever watched your favourite series with your grandmother? Give it a try! She will be very pleased, but it's not difficult for you.
  • Maybe love is a game for you, but I'm sorry, I'm not a doll.
  • Hopes blind us. Please give me some good sunglasses!
  • Looking at yourself from the side is much more useful than staring at yourself in the mirror.
  • I read on the Internet that if someone is dreaming about you, then he is thinking about you. Today I dreamed of a maniac. So what?!
  • This status jokes that when you realize that he's talking about nothing at all, it will be too late!
  • Sad, I bought myself a Kinder. I thought there would be a princess, and there was some garbage. I'll try again tomorrow.
  • If the dream has come true - I want to hug the whole World and each individually with shouts that life is beautiful!
  • My niece is one year old today! I kiss my sweet cheeks and congratulate happy parents!
  • I want you to understand me without a word! And even better - read my mind. Although not. Thoughts, perhaps, I'll leave with me 🙂
  • You spend 5 minutes with a guy, and then you think about these 5 minutes all week.