Top 5 important criteria for when choosing a software

Are you looking for the best antivirus or security solution for your Windows computer? There are so many options on the market that you may not know what to choose. First of all, it is very helpful to read software reviews to find out what other people have experienced with that software.

Experience has shown that software must meet 5 criteria, as follows:

  • Adaptability
  • Accessibility
  • Simplicity
  • Traceability
  • Efficiency

Next, we will talk in more detail about these criteria that make a perfect software according to experiences.

1. Adaptability

Good management software must be able to adapt to changes made in the current changing legal framework (Chorus Pro, Withholding Tax, DSN, etc.). My management software must not only strictly comply with various public sector regulations but also provide regular updates to adapt quickly and to take into account the impact of management changes. The same logic must prevail in terms of technical developments.

The high-performance management software editor should be able to provide you with new features that can improve your efficiency: for example through mobile access or operation in SaaS (Software As A Service) model.

2. Accessibility

With the evolution of working methods and territorial reorganization, more and more agents work on several sites or, in some cases, through teleworking. SaaS model is the obvious answer to this new flexibility problem. Provides easy and secure access to remote management software as a hosted service. From a simple internet browser, each authorized agent can access daily the work tools and files he needs to accomplish his mission.

3. Simplicity

The final choice of management software will naturally take into account the simplicity of handling and ease of use of the solution. Homogeneous ergonomics, which facilitate navigation and make use intuitive and accessible to all, is a real advantage for agents. High-performance management software must consist of several customizable parameters to address each community management issue.

The interface of a well-thought-out management software allows quick consultations and streamlines connections between business applications, for immediate access to information.

4. Traceability

Traceability of documents and management processes is a growing issue with the digital revolution that is currently transforming the public sector. For either the finance department or the human resources department of a local authority, traceability refers to both dematerialized documents and complete day-to-day management processes (invoices, payment slips, validation of an order form, validation of a request for leave, etc.).

High-performance management software optimizes process traceability by identifying stakeholders and their actions, which ensures optimal security and collaboration.

5. Efficiency

While facilitating the dematerialization of parts and management processes, good management software must provide a configurable and customizable workspace to best support each agent. Management software must generate real-time savings, especially in performing repetitive tasks, to allow the agent to focus on higher value-added missions. Management software should not just be a technical element, but a real agent assistant, through simplified functions, guides, or interactive assistants accessible with a single click on demand.