Where to fly drones in London

London is a popular place for its attractive tourist sites and friendly people. If you have a drone, it is even more exciting to fly your drone over the various places in London. Here are some of the places you can fly your drone in London.

Hyde Park

This is the most famous and one of the largest parks in London. It has a historical significance, as it was in the place where some demonstrations and protests were held. It has a space called the Speaker’s Corner where artists still perform and debates still hold every week. The park has quite some memorial features and two bodies of water, one of which is the Serpentine. Flying your drone over this beautiful place is surreal. If you want to buy a drone, you can read OnBuy reviews and reviews of other companies that sell drones on uk.collected.reviews. You will be able to get information about different types of drones, the best to buy for your budget and usage as well as where you can buy them from.


This a popular cultural neighbourhood in London. It is a melting pot for different cultures and the crowds are a mix of punks, goths, tourists, etc. It has a vibrant community atmosphere and some tattoo shops. It has a market with diverse and eclectic products; you can find products ranging from street food to foreign cuisines to beautiful artworks, etc. It has some high-quality vegan bakeries and beautiful vintage clothing racks.

London Eye

London Eye

You cannot afford to miss flying your drone over one of the most iconic places in London, London Eye. This giant Ferris wheel was constructed to celebrate the millennium and it offers the tourists panoramic views of the city of London. It is lit up in bright colours at night and is usually the epicentre of the annual fireworks display for the new year in London. Flying your drone over this iconic construction provides you with a panoramic view of it.

Hampstead Heath

This is another large park in London as it covers over about 790 acres. It is located on one of the highest points in the city and offers great views of the city. It has grassy fields, some large ponds and wooded areas. If you want a place brimming with wildlife and the lushness of nature, it is the place to fly your drone over.

Thames Cruise

The Thames opened up London to profitable commercial activities; as such, it is called the lifeblood of London. It served as a settlement base a long time ago and was very important to the past English and Roman kings. The cruise across the Thames is something to look forward to. You can also enjoy this view o the cruise when you fly your drone over it.


You can find Chinatown sandwiched between Leicester Square and Soho. Its Chinese lanterns and red arches make it easy to notice and spot the vibrancy of the place. It is filled with authentic Asian supermarkets, restaurants and secret bars. You will always find something novel and fun to explore in Chinatown. At a first glimpse, you will see that the Asian trend and culture sweeps across the city. Ensure that you are not contravening any laws before you fly your drone over any location.