Customer Experience Vs Customer Service

What is the customer experience? If your answer is customer service, you are on the wrong train. Although these terms are correlated, there is a significant difference between the two. On the whole, customer experience is the broader concept where service is one of its elements. In other words, customer services are one of the key factors to shape the customer experience. Along with it, customer dealing and customer lifetime value, CLV are both determinants and results of customer experience.

Here is a glance at the differences between customer service and experience and how they can both help any business to groom. Customer service is the narrower and directed term. It includes all the services and assistance provided by the organizations associated with a product. Customer experience, on the other hand, is the outcome of this assistance. For a great experience, the customer service department has to excel, and skills are required to ace it.

If we talk about what is customer experience, we get a blend of customer service, technology, and the design of a business and its product. When a person uses media (digital or print) to interact with an organization, it is included in the customer experience. But customer service only comes in play when consumers require advice or support from the organization.

How customer services have evolved?

As soon as digital media, also termed as the 'new media', took over the traditional means of interaction, customer service began to evolve. Call centers have been established with the sole purpose of marketing through customer service managers. These are people who guide you about the product you are checking out and tells you about its pros and cons.

Customer services have become an integral part of every organization. Whether it is online help desks or employees in a store, service is provided 24/7 to ensure a delightful customer experience. AI is the upcoming face of customer service where people will be replaced by technology to answer the clients' calls.

Now, if you have added an item to your cart from an online store, but the cart hasn't been updated, it is a negative customer experience. If you report this to the help desk of the organization, and they fix your cart, this is called customer service and it certainly helps with better customer experience. Thanks to innovations, firms, businesses now design their apps and websites with the finest features to make sure that their customers are satisfied.

Easy-to-use interface, smooth touch, radiant themes, and proper taskbars are designed to provide the optimum customer experience and make their time on the website appealing and worthy.

Customer experience changes the game

Any of many studies can tell you that customer experience is the crème of the soup for a businessman. Companies that work in this direction are the most successful. Almost 70% of the companies are said to be in a good state because their interactions with their customers are exemplary. This can also be observed by examining how many permanent clients a business has. The more the merrier.

Although sometimes companies feel that they are providing services that will for sure satisfy their customers, it is not the case. It is necessary to understand which services are required by the customers. And companies while making such strategies should know what is customer experience and why is it so important?