Hello, everyone, I’m here with another important solution for a common problem which is annoying especially for ladies is how to block no caller id on iPhone. Yes, so many people were irritated by these calls, some fraudsters will try to bother you by making fake calls and disturb you or some persons will dial random numbers from their phones just for fun and disturb you. These calls in Wrong timings may cause serious issues in our lives at times. So, today I’m going to tell you about how to get rid of this problem how to block unknown calls on iPhone.


Nowadays everyone was using smartphones, most of the people were using iPhones and iPads as their primary calling devices. And also they were facing problems by getting unknown calls from strangers. This will waste our time and disturb our Peace of mind. Almost all the smartphones will have an option to avoid/Block these calls. Now, I will let you know how to Block Unknown calls iPhone and solutions for this problem. So, I want to tell you two types of solutions for this block unknown calls iPhone.

How to Block no caller id on iPhone

This is the problem occurs for all the smartphone users at least one time in their lifetime. In that time we want to block that number or caller id. To help you in doing that we will present you two solutions by which you can block annoying callers. You just have to follow these two steps to Block Unknown calls on your iPhone/iPad.

Before going to the process, you have to know what is a DND (do not disturb) mode is. because in the first method we will use this iPhone feature to Block Unknown calls on iPhone.

What is DND?


DND means do not disturb mode. This mode will be helpful to you when you don’t want to be disturbed or when you are doing an important work and don’t want to be interrupted. this option can be seen in your settings menu of your iPhone itself. This feature once put on by you then it’ll work even the device is locked also. You can also schedule the time in which you want to on/off this. you can also set some exceptions in this mode such as ring when some incoming calls. This mode is very easy to understand and also you can get rid of any interruptions in your daily life.

Methods to Block Unknown calls on iPhone

Method 1

In this method, you can get a solution to “how to block unknown calls on iPhone” using Dnd feature on your iPhone. to do this follow the below process carefully.

  • Go to Settings and select Do not disturb option in it.
  • Do not disturb settings appear and in that, you can set your preferences and
  • Set an option to “allow calls from contact list”,
  • This will block all the unknown numbers calls.
  • Here you can also set an option by which it will block repeated calls from the same number in 3 minutes duration.
  • This is the best solution to block unknown calls on iPhone.

how-to-block-no-caller-id-on-iphone Method 2

 In this method, you can block a specific number which you want to block. follow the below steps to do this.

  • First, go to Recent calls and select an unknown number which you want to block.
  • then, just add this number to your contact list by click on + button.
  • Finally, you can block that contact by clicking on options of that contact.
  • By this, you can stop that particular number from making irritating calls on your iPhone.



so, that’s all for the day friends. Hope you got the solution for your question “How to Block no caller id on iPhone. If you like this please share your views with us in the comment section below. Suggestions from you are always encouraged, so if you know additional methods to how to block no caller id on iPhone. Thank you for visiting our website, Keep visiting.


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