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With the advancement in technology, social media trends keep on evolving with time. The social platforms especially YouTube has become an everyday need. it is really difficult to spend a day without using YouTube because from our favorite dramas, to reviews, DIY`s and every type of music video are available on it. There is no doubt that the great influencers and celebrities are posting videos as independent personalities to build a large fan following. The video platform is harnessed by every kind of vloggers which demands consistent work, good camera, and a reliable internet connection. According to the ranking with most subscribers, we have listed the independent YouTubers instead of their channels. So, get to know Top 10 YouTubers in the world.

  1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie also is known as Felix Kjellberg from the United Kingdom is popular for creating and sharing videos based on games. His coverage gas expanded to 98 million subscribers because of his honest commentary and observation while playing video games.

  1. HolaSoyGerman

The famous personality German Garmendia owns more than 35 million subscribers on his YouTube channel JuegaGerman. He is basically a comedian creator who also works as a musician with a band known as Ancud.

  1. Whinderssonnunes

Yes, the name is bit creaky, but the Brazilian YouTuber is famous for creating comedy parodies, music and movie comedy reviews. With more than 35 million subscribers, WhinderssonNunes runs the 2nd highest Brazilian channel.

  1. ElrubiusOMG

To enjoy comedy vlogs and different gameplay, the Spanish YouTuber Ruben DoblasGundersen creates exceptionally unique content. With at least 34 million subscribers, he operates most subscribed YouTube channel currently in Spain.

  1. Fernanfloo

The famous Salvadoran Twitcher and YouTuber, Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado owns subscribers with more than the population of country he lives. With a count of more than 33 million subscribers, Luis creates unique YouTube content for his followers.

  1. Felipe Neto

Brazilian comedian, actor and a Youtuber has reached 32 million subscribers by giving its audience the daily content based merely on movies, daily activities, and celebrities.

  1. Vegtta777

With 26 million subscribers, Samuel de Luque is a famous Spanish gamer who YouTubes about his gameplay. He uploads about gameplay, their plots, stories, and related content.

  1. Vanoss Gaming

The Canadian YouTuber is successful to gain popularity within a short span with 24 million subscribers. His name Evan Fong is well known for posting videos while playing games with his friends and different YouTubers.

  1. LuccasNeto

The Brazilian YouTuber and well-known comedian LuccasNeto Ferreira gained 6 billion views on his channel in a year. Currently, he owns around 24 million subscribers.

  1. LuisitiComunica

Do you love traveling then do not forget to follow Luis Arturo VillarSudek channel on YouTube with title LuisitoComunica. The amazing person shares all his vlog videos while traveling and describes cultures, compares different things and shares his experiences.


From famous streamers to reviewers, musicians to pranksters, all of the personalities produce exceptional content. The top 10 YouTubers in the world surely have a great cultural influence on the internet audience. So, if have missed any of the famous YouTuber don’t forget to subscribe. They all also use their twitter account to tweet about their new blogs and videos. You can download twitter videos they have shared you save on your computer/tablet.

Are you facing internet issues? Do you often face troubled browsing? Then your case is not exceptional because almost everyone faces internet connection trouble, but few tips and tricks will help you on how to properly check your internet speed? Checking the bandwidth for you are paying, the best solution is to go for a Ptcl speed test and have a performance test but to root out the network problems, it is best to get issues fixed.

How to test home internet speed?

Now if you really want to know how fast is your internet? It is the right time to make sure what actual speed you are receiving from the provider. Follow the step by step procedure on how to test home internet speed?

  • Connect the computer or PC to router directly by using a reliable Ethernet cable.
  • Now open a web browser and type
  • However, there are many other internet speed test platforms available online for free. You can select any of the platforms you trust.
  • Now Click on GO.

A complete generated report will show the upload and download speed. Remember results may vary according to the timings because internet speeds often fluctuate so it is wise to take multiple tests.

What is required Mbps?

The speed of internet varies according to the provider and demand of the user. Such as Netflix recommended speed is of 5 Mbps or for HD streaming, faster speed is required but this speed is considered slow. 5 Mbps is best for only one device to stream without any interruption, especially for a home network. However, the speed of cable internet varies according to the area, but it must offer minimum downloading speed of at least 50 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps.


So, most of the time everything is almost fine but still, you won’t receive the required speed. Despite trying all the tips and tricks, if you still face connection issues, it is best to reach out network technician for advanced settings. Good Luck to get the right internet speed, your little effort will surely solve all the issues.

Are you looking for a reliable telecom service? Then there is no better option than Etisalat. To cope up with the fast-paced life, the need for fast speed internet is also increasing due to which various concerns were elevated by different internet users mainly in UAE. The problem to load pages, download internet content and fast speed issues were resolved by Etisalat, the world’s successful and largest telecom and mobile services are available for instant use in UAE. Currently, Etisalat owns more than 167 million subscribers and until 2006, Etisalat was the only mobile service available in UAE. Get to know the internet speed with Etisalat speed test.

Internet connection speed

Etisalat offers the fastest internet speed in the Middle East. The outstanding Telecommunication Company is successful in establishing Fiber to the home network which is covering 87{21a1863a511fe4b5a9359d5ed79fea2ef7e9548014d8f6294ec66b0f3ec537c4} of UAE extents. UAE is the first country that owns fiber connected service. The super-fast internet speed increases to 500 Mbps that makes the leading company top Telecommunication network. The amazing tool enables an individual to find what speed Etisalat users are receiving.

Etisalat Mission

The company was established four decades before in UAE and was the only international blue-chip organization with a mission to deliver best in class telecommunication experience to its users internationally and domestically. The long-term plans, investment, and economic support made ideas operational in the market. Currently, it is the most admired group, emerging with consistent technologies. The headquarters of Etisalat is situated in Abu Dhabi which makes it fully connected with the fastest speed of fiber optic.

Etisalat speed test

Due to the growing demand of internet in UAE, the issues with internet are also increasing. To check the internet speed instantly and to detect the connectivity issues, online test initiative detects the speed of a broadband connection. Etisalat has introduced innovative packages with advanced technological ideas. The application is exceptionally designed to offer accurate Etisalat speed test results while the outages may affect the result.  It is an easy yet optimal way to check what type of service you are receiving after paying a reliable amount to the companies.

Why you need a speed test tool?

The speed test tool is a great useful tool that provides assistance with an accurate download and uploads internet speed.  It is best to perform speed tests at numerous times to see how fast is your connection and when you are receiving the lowest latency? Test the broadband speed now and get the paramount information instantly. However, there are many obvious reasons to use speed test tool which are as follows.

  • To check the broadband speed
  • To ensure what you are paying for
  • For selecting a reliable and affordable broadband package
  • To deal with internet speed issues
  • To find optimal timings for downloading and uploading

Use Etisalat speed test tool

Etisalat speed test tool is a great way to measure the quality and speed of internet connection. Do you notice issues while downloading or uploading files? Do you feel that websites are loading slower than usual? So, measure and test properties of Etisalat Internet Connection by using an optimal tool to perform Etisalat test.

Net revenue of Etisalat

Etisalat is a branded trade name of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation which is a UAE based multinational telecommunications provider. The services are available in more than 15 countries including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Etisalat is titled as the 12th largest Telecommunication operator in the world and the strongest company according to Forbes. The net revenue of Etisalat as recorded in 2014 was around the US $10.6 billion and profit was the US $1.93 billion with the market capitalization of $22 billion. The company ensures to deliver best connectivity along with roaming services including 3G, 4G, and GPRS.


The demand for faster broadband has been increasing with time. People prefer to utilize world-class telecom services that will revamp the life of individuals with engaging content. Etisalat promises to introduce innovative services which will provide a flexible package at a reasonable price to all customers. The Telecommunication services have continued to expand across Saudi Arabia, Egypt and notably in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The innovative, intuitive and exceptional mobile and broadband services are available for millions of people in affordable prices which has revolutionized the market dynamics.

If you have to take hair follicle drug test, that is something you should not fret over. However, in most cases, you are not the one that decides, so you have to comply based on your preferences and what you wish to do afterward.

You have probably read on other websites and forums, and hair drug test is highly problematic when it comes to passing it by cleansing your hair from traces of drugs. You can see numerous examples of people that failed to do it because they followed bad sources.

You do not have to worry, because things are not bad, as they seem, especially if you have in mind that there are ways to protect yourself completely.

By introducing the Aloe Rid detox shampoo old formula, you can easily pass it by following instructions that will help you along the way. Imagine that you have been offered a dream job that you have waited for a long time to get it.

You hear a sentence, which is common among hiring managers: “We wish to hire you, but first you have to pass a drug test because we wish to keep drug-free working environment.”

Also, as soon as happiness falls, you remember that you had smoked weed when you were on holiday with your friends and loved ones.

If that happened in the last three months, the chances are high that you are going to fail the test altogether. That is the main reason why you should do something about it. The worst thing that you can do is to give up from the very beginning.

Even though websites are mainly telling bad news, in here, we will present you methods that will help you pass hair follicle drug test with ease:

1. Shave Everything

The first method is one of the logical, especially if you have in mind that it takes approximately up to seven days for drug metabolites to enter your hair follicles and shaft. Therefore, you will be able to shave an entire body so that you can avoid taking this particular test.

For instance, imagine that you decide to smoke on Saturday night, and you wake up on Sunday, and you shave an entire body. You will have seven days until THC you consumed can enter your hair, which means that it will not be detectable in general.

However, when administrators and the potential employer sees you completely bold, they will think that you are sick, or you are hiding something. In both cases, you will not leave a good impression if you decide to remove all your hair.

Finally, they will use other methods to test you if they are persistent to keep you and screen you. However, this particular method will only work if you are a light smoker, and if you are smoking weed based on the example, we have mentioned above.

Since it cannot trace short-term drug use, you will be able to reduce the hassle, but that is highly risky, and you do not want to be caught.

2. Detox Shampoo

You can find many shampoos on the market that are specifically made to help you pass a hair drug test by cleansing it from byproducts and drug compounds. However, most of them will fail in the long run, because they cannot enter follicle and remove drug compounds and toxins.

However, you can rest assured, because old-style Aloe Rid shampoo can quickly enter inside your shaft and altogether remove the toxins, but you have to find the old version, not the new one. It is the best way for passing this particular test, and you have to use it if you have a short period.

Of course, the price tag of this particular shampoo is high due to massive demand, but that is another proof that it is a perfect option that will help you get your dream job.

Facts You Should Know About Hair Follicle Drug Test

It is vital to remember that hair analysis is one of the most common ways of checking out the history of your drug use for the pre-employment process. Let us see everything you should know about it:

  • Accuracy – We have to mention that this is one of the most accurate tests that you can find on the market nowadays, and that is the reason for its high price tag. The main reason for that is that it uses biological processes that are not common between blood and urine. Your body will cleanse blood and urine by using natural detoxification methods, while hair that grows on your body is the proof of things you did in the past. Therefore, hair can store information about the history of your drug use from the very beginning. You should know that it is 99{21a1863a511fe4b5a9359d5ed79fea2ef7e9548014d8f6294ec66b0f3ec537c4} accurate, which may sound scary at first, but certain factors could affect overall results.
  • DIY Tests – You can find testing companies that will provide your ability to get DIY packages for homemade testing, but since it comes with a high price tag, individuals tend to avoid it. In case that you wish to abstain from any drug use, and pass the test naturally, you should purchase a few of them to check what happens as time goes by. Finally, you will know when you are clean.

Learn more on human hair growth by visiting this site:

Final Verdict

The reality tells us that we cannot run away from testing policies that are still common among most employers.

Even though the regulations are becoming soft for weed users, the federal levels are still banning it, which gives the ability for your employers to conduct tests without breaching privacy.

Of course, we can expect that the future will bring a completely new different perspective that will create a unique atmosphere, but by now, you have to either abstain or find ways to pass a drug test.

That is why you should reread this article because it will provide you essential info on how to pass hair follicle screening with ease.

Content Management Systems are becoming very big. This has become one of the more popular concepts for building up a system for your employees that need access to various files even when they are not at the office. There is a need for an employee portal where people can share files without having to send everything through email. This is effective. It is also time-consuming. It makes more sense to set up an Intranet CMS that employees can use to get their work done.

Cutting Down the Redundancy

The best thing about getting this type of software in place is that it makes it easier to cut down on the redundancy. If you are sharing files with other employees that are updating files it can be quite redundant. No one may know what file the newest file is. This can complicate a lot of things. If, however, you are using software that allows you to get on the Intranet site to do updates for a single file it becomes obvious that there is only one file. There are no confusion or redundancy of multiple files that have been updated.

The Internal Directory

There is a need for an internal directory inside of the workplace. That is the real reason that the Intranet is so popular inside of the corporate workplace. People may need to be transferred to different departments and you will need internal extensions that you can transfer customers to. There are needs for people to collaborate, but you may not always know who you need to work with on certain projects. The internal directory of an Intranet portal can give you a better feel for the employees and their job titles. You can use this software to socialize with others and build a community where people can message one another. The internal directory provides this type of convenience.

Easy To Use

What you want is software that is going to be easy to utilize. The employees should not need to be technical gurus to use the software for the network. It is good to make sure that there are features that are easy to use. There are different skill levels for different employees. You should make sure that you find the software that is cloud-based if you have a lot of employees that work from home. SaaS Intranet software can be useful in these types of situations. You may be able to get some subscription-based CMS concepts that can don't require any plug-ins or extensions. It can be a simple cloud-based format that brings your employees together to work on various projects or files. No VPN connection is needed. This is a solution that companies need when they want to keep employees in the loop even if some of them work from home. There may be job postings, file sharing options, and general company newsletters and company policies and procedures on the Intranet. Software that helps you explore all this is quite helpful.

A secure phone sounds like quite a dream nowadays, in an age where privacy and security of information are fast becoming a dot on distant horizons. However, there are some measures we can take to ensure our data is protected as much as possible.

Here are a few tips to get started on!

Screen Lock

Fairly straightforward isn’t it? The majority of us use screen locks anyways to keep our phones away from prying noses. Screen locks come in different forms such as a pattern lock, PIN code, fingerprint scanners, and even retina scanners.

Fingerprint and retina scan locks are obviously pretty iron clad, however, if your smart-phone doesn’t support these, then the best choice would be a password rather than a four-digit pin.

SIM Card Lock

Obviously, a screen lock will keep out all intruders from your phone. But what about your SIM card being stolen and misused? SIM card locks are less heard off but are super useful.

A SIM card lock is in the form of a four-digit pin that needs to be entered if the SIM is installed in a different phone and switched on.

Encryption of Sensitive Data

Advancement in technology has meant the world is at our fingertips, quite literally. Apps have been developed that make our lives easier in multitudes of ways. For instance, banking operations can be done online ranging from online payments to transfer of funds and even payment of bills.

All social media apps can be accessed through smart-phones, even applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and the like can be operated on phones meaning you can do your office work as well.

However, all this facilitation also means that most of your sensitive data is present on your phone and can fall prey to hackers. In order to prevent this, use encryption software to encrypt all such data.

Browse Internet with Caution

It’s easy to hop on websites when using the internet. This can rapidly land us on websites which aren’t safe to use. Often in such cases, a warning pops us which we absentmindedly ignore.

Pay attention to these pop-up messages, making sure to close websites where warnings pop-up and also ensure you don’t accept any deals/offers on pop-up messages as that could be dangerous too! Another important and useful tip is to always pay attention to the URL, after HTTP there should be an “s” at the end – which means the website is secure.

Location Services (Geotagging)

We often jeopardize our own safety and we aren’t even aware of it. Turning on location services, especially for social media sites makes locations visible when posts/photos are uploaded. There’s even a feature on Snapchat whereby others can view your precise location. Location services should never be turned on for such apps to ensure your location remains private.


We’ve all heard the name, we all know what it is, and we all know it’s important. The next step? Install it to get a secure phone!

It’s up to us to take all steps possible to protect and preserve our privacy and our data. These small steps can go a long way!

On the GPU aspect, the helpful GTX 660 is about forty{21a1863a511fe4b5a9359d5ed79fea2ef7e9548014d8f6294ec66b0f3ec537c4} as highly effective in 3DMark as the GTX 960 PUBG recommends as a minimum. Built-in graphics is around 5-10{21a1863a511fe4b5a9359d5ed79fea2ef7e9548014d8f6294ec66b0f3ec537c4} depending on how modern it is. Either PUBG Corp has labored miracles to optimize the sport, the visible high quality has been fully ruined, or they’re being overly optimistic with the specs to draw gamers away from Fortnite.

As such, Greene mentioned they’ve decided to push back the whole launch a bit. He didn’t give a hard goal date nevertheless assured followers that they are nonetheless planning to launch earlier than the tip of the 12 months. There is a lengthy solution to go for Battlegrounds to surpass Valve's private games, nevertheless it surely's nonetheless pretty an accomplishment for a brand-new sport thought-about to be in Early Entry to succeed in close to the best of the charts so shortly. An Xbox port of the game is reportedly beneath growth.

Everyone seems to have a royale this yr. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG mobile hack. Our objective for PUBG Lite is straightforward: What merely occurred? Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds developer PUBG Corp. has dropped its lawsuit in opposition to Fortnite creator Epic Video games, bringing an end to an authorized battle involving two of the world’s most popular video games. Let's dig into the sooner and new minimum specs a bit. The mobile model incorporates the same authentic map seen on the LAPTOP COMPUTER, and whereas the graphics have been downgraded and a few parts don’t work as nicely, the gameplay, weapons, and automobiles all carry over from the complete-price COMPUTER model. There’s moreover voice chat assist for having fun with in teams and an “anti-dishonest mechanism.”

Title of Duty is just one other distraction.

After spending 9 months in Steam’s Early Access program, PUBG obtained its full launch again in December, which makes Newell’s revelation much more superb. We don’t know which video games it is above on the very best-earners itemizing, but they're more likely to be titles which have been around for some time, much like Dota 2. At any price, simply to reiterate, this is merely a leak and never official confirmation of any form. As such, take this info with a healthy dose of scepticism.

“We’re extraordinarily pleased with everything we’ve accomplished in 2018 and could not have achieved any of it without your love and support,” PUBG Corp. mentioned. “As us because of you and to commemorate our second anniversary, a particular anniversary item will likely be obtainable in-recreation totally free from 3/27 – four/24 KST on PC and four/9 – 5/7 on Console. To say it, visit the in-game store and “purchase” the free merchandise on COMPUTER or just login in the course of the event dates on Console.”

As a part of its "Fix PUBG" plan to, nicely, repair most of the issues in Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds like sluggish efficiency and dishonest, PUBG Corporation is adding a training mode to the sport. Between five and 20 people can play collectively in the devoted two-sq.-kilometre map, and work on any gameplay aspect they may wish to sharpen up on, from parachute landings and driving, to capturing and vaulting.

Our goal for PUBG Lite is simple: PUBG Corp.

PUBG Corp. with LAPTOP COMPUTER 1.0 Replace #19 has added a bullet penetration system that now applies to fingers and arms. When a bullet hits the arm or hand of a persona, it could penetrate following its ballistic curve and will set off further damage to physique parts behind it. It’s no secret that Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been a formidable success, breaking each sales and concurrent participant knowledge over the past 12 months. However how does it have a look at to different Steam titles across the platform’s historic earlier? Primarily based on Gabe Newell (by way of LAPTOP Gamer), PUBG is the third highest incomes sport ever on Steam.

The dip came on an identical day that the Name of Obligation: Black Ops four beta launched, which has its personal mannequin of BR. Whereas a few PUBG gamers certainly dropped out to strive the CoD beta, Battlegrounds has been on a steady decline since January thirteen, and the sub-million downturn falls right on that sample line. Name of Obligation is just one other distraction.

In asserting the news, Bluehole’s Chang Han Kim stated they’re approaching improvement of the Xbox One model with the identical group-pushed focus that they’ve taken with the LAPTOP launch. Because of this, the battle royale experience on Xbox One can be barely completely different than what gamers know now on COMPUTER as numerous features and performance will come online and alter over time.

The results of the 2018 Steam Awards have been announced. As is so often the case with these sorts of things, some winners have proved quite controversial, including PUBG taking Game of the Year. Interestingly, the only winning title released last year was Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

While it wasn’t the first Battle Royale game, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds popularized the genre following its full release back in December 2017. It’s been living in the shadow of Fortnite and Apex Legends in recent times, but PUBG was still the top-earning premium game last year, generating $1.028 billion—a figure that doesn’t include the mobile version. It beat Monster Hunter: World, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Hitman 2, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey—most of which have graced our Best PC Games (You Should Be Playing) feature—to take the top honour.

Probably the most divisive winner was in the ‘Labor of Love’ category, where GTA V was voted number one. While there's no doubting the amount of work put into the most profitable entertainment product of all time, many argue that Stardew Valley, which was made by one person, should have won. Even No Man’s Sky, which managed to turn one of the biggest disasters in video game history into a success, might have been a worthier winner.

Valve said one of the most highly-contested categories was Best Developer, leading it to increase the number of nominations to ten. In the end, it was won by CD Project Red, which released Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and the excellent Throne breaker: The Witcher Tales last year. The studio's most popular title, 2016’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, walked away the Best Environment award.


In a chat with Game Spot, Greene revealed that he had written some backstory on the sport’s island but solely did so to supply graphic artists a reference degree to help create additional authentic, plausible surroundings.

Might PUBG Lite achieve success utilizing either of those? 28. Hold 'Shift' or the left set off to boost automobiles. 1. Bear in mind to place away your weapon (the X key on LAPTOP), which means you can dash six per cent sooner.

The Hassles of Relocating

Moving a house is an activity that requires great attention and draining energy, starting from packing, lifting, loading to transport vehicles, lowering and then dismantling and arranging especially if the items are moved heavily and in large quantities. Imagine you have to move beds, televisions, refrigerators, stoves, sofas, cabinets and other furniture. How much time and energy is needed? Sometimes, some problems such as damage to goods during transportation or even loss of important documents occur during the transfer process. House moving services certainly can minimize the events that you do not want because the transfer process is certainly carried out systematically and more professionally. Some things to know about house moving services is that the service provider will conduct an initial assessment and collect data, the service provider will prepare quality packaging materials, equipped with workers who are experienced in their fields, you will get complete information starting from packing the goods, transport, and transfer: the number of workers, transport trucks, costs and estimated processing time needed, each truck has a different capacity.  Thanks to a very diverse selection of fleets nowadays, movers are increasingly convinced if you will find the right vehicle. Adjust to the needs of the size of your goods. Even large-sized items can be sent as fast as small-sized items, heavy items can also be sent as fast as light items, moving time will be as short as the time of delivery of goods. On-demand delivery also proved to be cheaper compared to conventional cheap expedition services. Unlike conventional types, on-demand goods delivery services send goods easily without intermediaries so they can speed up delivery times. This means that expenditures can be reduced so that logistics costs become cheaper when demand continues to increase.

Moving company

Look for the Best House-Moving Company

Communicate and consult your needs then your items will be thoroughly recorded to avoid loss, the packing process is usually carried out as carefully and carefully as possible to prevent damage to property. As a wise service user, you are expected to oversee the loading and unloading process as a whole. With the transfer service, you can make the transfer process comfortably and safely. You might think that you can move all of your own office furniture without using a transfer service. But it requires resources and a long time, so we should use an office transfer service that has good experience with his career. If you find it difficult to find cheap and safe office transfer services, you can find great pasadena moving companies that are ready to serve you.

Then, if you are a tech-savvy, you might be interested in one of the products from Mobilizz Inc. named GPS / Telematics Fleet Management. Fleet Management GPS / Telematics is automotive equipment that emerges from communication technology that combines voice and wireless data to provide specific locations for security, information, productivity, and in-vehicle entertainment services for drivers and passengers. In other words, what telematics is trying to do is bring together a number of different technologies and combine them into one easy-to-use platform that is customized for each individual driver. The basic idea is to have several types of in-dash units that combine the functions of web radio, e-mail, e-commerce, cellphones, positioning of the global navigation satellite system and driver assistance programs into one.

Ecommerce agencies

Following the basic guidelines recently published by Google on the optimization of mobile usability in Ecommerce agencies, we present and detail a series of improvements for the product listings of retail websites. These improvements are aimed at offering a more advanced user experience on mobile devices and therefore to promote conversion, making the purchase process as easy as possible.

The product card is the last phase of the customer's trip before making the purchase and getting a user to reach this point is a difficult path. Therefore, once you are here, we must work to the maximum to focus all your attention in concluding the conversion and facilitate this decision as much as possible.

Although in a previous article we talked about the optimization of product pages in a desktop device, today we will address this issue from the mobile point of view.

Items that should appear on the product page

In a sticky menu

The sticky menu is a header that appears at all times at the top of the screen, although the user scrolls down, which will contain essential elements such as the link to display the hamburger menu, the internal search button, the logo and the link to the cart.

In the above the fold

Above the fold is the default area that the user sees on their device when the page is downloaded. In an ideal situation, this area should contain:

  • The Breadcrumbs
  • The product images
  • A discrete button to add to the wishlist
  • The name of the product
  • A short description
  • The valuation in stars
  • The price
  • Availability if there is no stock
  • The buy button (can be made floating so it does not disappear)

In the below the fold (lower part of the page that cannot be seen without scrolling) other elements such as sizes, colors, availability according to characteristics, long description, information about shipments and returns and related products or items will be placed. recently seen

Include all the information about the product in your file

We will try to offer the client all the information that may interest him in a concise and well-structured way. We can modify the way of presenting the information with respect to the way of doing it in desktop, but we will never eliminate any important data. In the case of an article with different sizes, many online stores have a grid in which it is easy to find the sizes that are available.

As we see in the screenshot above, the user must interact by selecting the desired color and later its size. The rest of the page consists of interesting information for the client, but without hindering the purchase, since the texts are under accordions to which we can click to display the content, but we will not see if we do not. In terms of usability, this is very positive since we take the user towards the purchase in the most comfortable way and in terms of SEO, this fact does not have a negative impact.

Additionally, we have two links. One of them leads us to an application that helps us find our perfect size in the Clarks brand from the size data in other popular brands. This information remains on the card until we complete the purchase. The other link is a size guide based on the measurements of our feet in centimeters.

Relevant characteristics of a product according to the type

In the case of a shoe, we can be satisfied with knowing the material with which it was made, the color and the size, however, in other types of products, we will give preference to other characteristics that influence more in the purchase decision of the client. For example, if we are going to buy an electric guitar, it will make more sense to talk about the length of the neck, the material of the body or the style of tuning pegs.

Include information on deliveries and returns

To avoid the slightest doubt that may appear at the time of adding the product to the cart, we must expose at a very short distance from our area of action the information related to the costs and delivery times, returns and other data that may promote the purchase decision

If there is no stock, show it clearly

If there are no stocks of the item in question, this circumstance should be displayed in a prominent position and as soon as possible. In the following example, the "exhausted product" message is visible, with a size and in capital letters, however, we could improve it by placing the message in a superior position and highlighting it with a more evident shading or color.

The "Sold online" notice occupies minimum space and is located in a low position. In short, just the opposite of what we should do. Within the list of products in that category, it will be interesting to apply for an order so that products out of stock appear at the end.

Zoom images

We are all visual consumers and we inevitably get carried away by the sight when purchasing a product. Since online commerce has the handicap of not making direct contact between the customer and the product itself possible, the image will be the first place to go.

A well-lit photograph, with the product in a suitable position, with true-to-life tones and in which the object occupies the prominent place, will count as a point in favor. If in addition to this, we add the ability to view the image larger and in high resolution to facilitate that users can approach the product, it can make a more detailed visual review.

If we are going to buy a high-brand gold bracelet, we will want to make sure that all the nuances are perfect, that there is no fault and even that the name of the brand appears on the bracelet to give it more prestige.

In the previous capture, we easily see the three buttons under the image, indicating that there are three photographs that can be accessed by clicking on them.

Wishlist or follow-up

The wish list is a feature that allows users to create a list of items that they have liked to track them, being able to receive notifications by email about stock availability, price drops or notice of latest units.

Over time technology has helped man to move his physical body and things faster and faster and to more and more places he couldn't go before.

Now technology is able to help man move his mind faster and to more places in the same way. This technology is Mind Technology.

Mind technology is developed from other technologies upon which it is based and which makes this possible. Technology such as electricity, electronic audio, Get Digital signature and computer.

What was once done at normal speed in the traditional way can now be accelerated to hyper speeds with technology. It is like being able to travel in a supersonic jet when you once had to walk.

Some people think it is best to do things the natural way than to rely on technology. But would you want to walk from one end of the Earth to another when you could fly there in a supersonic jet? You would not even think of doing that!

It is possible to walk from one end of the Earth to the other though since all land is connected to each other from the North pole. The Earth is actually one flat piece of land wrapped around a sphere and not separate pieces across the globe. But without technology, we cannot travel to the deepest parts of the ocean or even to the moon.

The moment technology is developed, we got to use it. We either progress or regress. We are never standstill. Apply Digital signature online of technology is the result of advancement in knowledge. Changing the way we do things by adapting technology is the natural way of evolving our lives.

Of course, just because we have a supersonic jet, a car or even a motorized wheelchair to use doesn't mean we do not train our ability to walk anymore. We still use what is natural but we incorporate the use of technology as well. So the best way to live is to use both nature and technology. We should never let technology dominate our natural abilities but we should use it to enhance them.

Technology is the natural result of man's ability to think. So technology is actually part of nature. Technology and nature are one. The only difference between what is natural and unnatural is the use of it. Even things in nature can be used in unnatural ways.

Man has used the power of the mind to develop the technology. Consequently, man is able to use the power of technology to develop the mind. Mind develops technology to develop the mind. At this age, humanity's progress is going to accelerate even more than ever before.

A man was found to have virtually no brain at all. His head was bigger than normal size but his brain had shrunk to less than one millimeter of cerebral tissue covering the top of his spinal column. The student was suffering from hydrocephalus, the condition in which the cerebrospinal fluid, instead of circulating around the brain and entering the bloodstream, becomes dammed up inside thereby squashing the brain. His head was practically filled with fluid.

The 26-year-old student (1976) at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom had walked into the university doctor's office with complaints of a cold. Somehow though, he had lived a perfectly normal life. He had no signs of any mental deficiency, had an IQ of 126 and an honors degree in mathematics!

The brain is actually a receiver and not the total warehouse storing our consciousness. The brain is simply an instrument for the mind to communicate with the body. But the mind is not limited by the brain. It can even communicate with the body directly through nonlocal means.

You are not flesh. You are an energy being using a physical body to interpret and explore this reality. Studying matter from the perspective of energy helps you to understand and work with it even better.

Mind technology goes beyond the brain. It assists in unleashing the paranormal powers of the mind. With it, you can meditate at the push of a button, increase mental health, open up the sixth sense and sharpen your psychic abilities.