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Every entrepreneur is always aiming for the most innovative strategies when it comes to marketing. That’s why the experts are trying their best to incorporate automated systems in promoting brands as well as interacting with potential customers. I guess, we are still lucky because there are IT developers, who created and programmed chatbots, which is the key to turn your dreams into reality. You should know that these individuals are capable of using Artificial Intelligence and instructions for a machine to act and behave like human beings.

That’s how bots are, anyway. It is smart enough, that’s why it can convert your target viewers to consumers. Because of these capabilities, it was used as an important part of any marketing strategy. Since the existence of this application, the developers never stopped and continued working on enhancing its features and functions for better brand promotion. Actually, if you are going to look at the digital marketing techniques, it is very simple. A viewer will check on your products online and he will ask questions. And then, the chatbot will automatically answer and satisfy the consumer.

For a layman, that’s all they can see, and it is like magic because of the automated features. But for an entrepreneur, he still needs to hire experts from Smart Bot Marketers for this magical system to work out. I guess, integrating these systems is necessary because a lot of target viewers can appreciate the way it interacts with them. But this reason is not enough for a marketing team to fully integrate it on their strategies. As a businessman, you will surely expect a lot more from using chatbots today and for the future of your company.

Optimized for Mobile

I know that a lot of users are over the Internet. However, not everybody is browsing from their desktop or laptop computers. Many of them are simply relying on their mobile devices when shopping because they find it more convenient to use. Besides, it is a lighter and portable computing machine.

Of course, our developers made sure that can also use their automated system on smartphones. That’s why they come up with a solution and that is to make their smart applications compatible with a mobile device. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy the features and functions of the bots, which are used in marketing, especially when it comes to interaction.

In my opinion, it is very important for a marketer to greatly consider the platform that their target viewers are using. The developers must be able to make sure that their system is versatile. This means that it can both be used with a machine that is comfortable for the users. Through this, you will be very useful and the reason why people will keep on coming to visit your site. Anyway, this link at, shows a few examples, where these smart systems are used on their mobile apps.

Social Media

You are surely aware that millions of individuals are actively using their social media accounts. Actually, as of 2016, Facebook is the widely used channel in the United States. It only means that it is the most effective social media channel that marketers may rely on when it comes to promoting their products and services as well as integrating bots.

We are all aware that these social media channels will increase its popularity from time to time. I supposed you are also aware that users can easily change from one media to another. They often choose the one with the highest rating and the number of users. Because of these, the experts must always be prepared with this by integrating chatbots on several platforms. This means that they are not only going to set up and create a program for one account but with others as well.

Let’s say that, if you are going to target users, who are not allowed to use Facebook, then make sure that your bot will work on the application that they can use. Anyway, what is more, important here is, for you to update all your platforms, their contents and the features on a regular basis. Through this way, the visitors and current users will know that you are active and seriously promoting your brand.

Application Aggregation

Going back to the added features of your system. Your chatbot will not only answer questions and give limited information. It is also capable of aggregation, where there is no need to individually give instructions for a particular application – check this related site for further reading.

For example, if your business is a restaurant. Then a user may ask a menu and also need instructions on how to reach your location. Of course, your bot will provide a list of dishes available. And then, it will also provide a map, so that the consumer will learn how to get to the restaurant. It may also provide the time needed to reach the destination as long as the place of origin will be provided.

Customer Satisfaction

Basically, it is the goal of every entrepreneur to satisfy the needs of every consumer. When this happens, this person would keep on coming back and may influence other consumers, too. This is the ultimate goal of every marketer, whether it is online or not. They have to make sure that their customers will feel that they are being valued and cared for.

As a business owner, you can do this through the help of the chatbot. Because of this automated system, which is available 24 hours a day, there would be an immediate response to a customer’s query. The consistency of the information provided will be maintained. This is all in their program and that is what these bots are instructed to do so.

Due to the availability of these AI-based apps, business owners received instantaneous gratifications. Of course, this is good news because it only shows that people are supporting them and getting along with their brand. Indeed, this is a good sign that everything will prosper in the future.

The computer revolution might’ve happened in the last century, but the surveillance revolution is definitely happening at the moment. The industry of home and business cameras for watching over the surrounding is turning into a huge business that is taking care of much more than just crime.

Sure, you can still buy the old-fashioned cameras that are looking over the surrounding and do nothing else. They are just pointed at a location and the video is being transported to a screen somewhere in a surveillance room. It does the job for preventing the place from thieves, but is this enough for today’s modern way of life?

If you take a look at what scientists and engineers invented, you’ll realize that you’ve been missing so much during your lifetime. The surveillance game has changed so much. Now the cameras can do so much more. If you want to learn more about how the game of surveillance have been developing over time, please click this link.

The combination of camera overview and an internet connection is a powerful one. The CCTV is now connected with Wi-Fi and is able to transfer data over the internet anywhere in the world. Most companies are now providing not just a connection of the cameras and the surveillance room, but also over the internet with the app that they provide.

This is an amazing way to always keep in touch with what’s going on at your home. No matter where you travel, there’s no problem in seeing what happens at your place 24/7. You can see in real-time and alarm whoever needs to be alarmed. All you’ll have to do is call and help will arrive within minutes.

If you have hired a security company, you can be sure that any thief getting inside can be stopped by calling the security agency sometimes even shorter than a minute. Before the burglars even break inside your place, they’ll arrive and catch them on the site.

Additional benefits from modern technology

Some of the best CCTV systems which are a real state of the art can do a lot more than just filming, just like the title says. What are these additional benefits?

How about looking into everyone’s faces and detecting their profile? Today’s systems can detect criminals before they even approach your door. You can be alarmed about their criminal past by looking into their face and going through a base of files that has their name in it.

Then, cameras are able to see if someone approaching or entering your home carries a weapon. These systems can detect a knife or a gun and instantly alarm the authorities about it. Even if you as a person don’t see this, the cameras can do it for you by their sophisticated technologies.

Aside from the burglars and criminals, the home surveillance can be beneficial in another area that’s not connected with any outsider invading your privacy. It is able to keep the peace and safety inside the home. There are millions of home accidents in the USA every year. See some stats about this on the following link:

For example, if there’s an outbreak of fire for any reason, the system can detect it and call the firemen right away. It’s the best alarm system in the world. How about a broken pipe? How many times did you have to face a flood when you get back from work? Now, this can be noticed by the cameras and an alarm will inform you that something must be done.

The surveillance is always placed on higher ground so you can be sure that all the inconveniences will get the camera last.

Another great feature of these amazing systems is the ability to recognize if there’s a human health problem inside the premises. Falling down the stairs will be seen as irregular behavior and an alarm will be sent to the authorities. Also, if a person suffers a stroke and lay down on the ground, this can too be seen as irregular behavior and the same will happen.

How to choose the best?

Find a company that’s producing and install this kind of equipment. Not every company is the same so make sure you only hire the best. How you’re going to know who’s best? By looking into their profile. Seeing how their previous clients were satisfied. See an example of a great company here –

Don’t accept companies who are old-fashioned and can’t provide these new models of cameras. Only look for the ones that have these amazing things and know how to install them perfectly for your safety and enjoyment.


As you can see, there’s nothing you can do with today’s technology. If you thought that these things are just a part of science fiction movies or a part of the NASA equipment, be sure that it’s not. Everyone has access today to this equipment.

Check your budget and make sure you invest in a state-of-the-art technology that can protect you in many different situations. Don’t save on this because you can lose more by saving on surveillance. Think about it, human lives are in question here.

Find the best option for you and don’t hesitate to call the company installing them. It’s the best thing you can do for you and your family.

There are millions of websites on the Internet, and only the ones with the catchy names grab the attention. To register one, an individual need to buy a cheap domain name from the right service provider. Luckily, domain registration is an easy job in the modern technology-friendly world.

The process to register a domain address should start from the moment an individual decides to build a website. A well-designed website with lots of useful services for clients is not going to be visible on the World Wide Web without the address. Why the name is necessary? It is because users find it a lot easier to remember a website name, rather than remembering its numeric code.

According to experts, a business needs to register a domain name that is easy to remember and the one reflects what the company is all about. Although the name represents the IP address of a website, it also allows people on the Internet to easily reach a website.

Tips to Buy A Cheap Domain

Although there are many companies out there offering cheap domain names and web hosting services, not all of them can be the best. Apart from that, they are different from each other in terms of services and the domain name price. Below are some ways to easily get a domain name at a cost-effective price:

·         Do Your Research

The catchy name may help to grab the attention of Internet users, but it is also necessary to ensure that the name you are planning to choose matches your business. It needs to be something that suits a company and tells people what it does. Here, a buyer must consider their niche and what could be easier for the audience to pronounce. Apart from that, it is essential to look for keywords in trending and things that people are looking for over the Internet.

·         Choose an Easy Yet Catchy Name

As discussed, easier, the domain name should be easy to remember for the users. It is not wise to choose a long name that is difficult to remember or pronounce. A short yet catchy name increases the chances of visitors remembering a website and visiting it again in the future. Apart from that, they can suggest it to others when they find the services useful for people.

·         Get .Com

There may be millions of websites over the World Wide Web, but the most popular ones have one thing in common; it is .com in their names. Most of the Internet users are aware of .com extension and they remember sites with the extension. So when looking to buy a cheap domain, it is essential to get an address with .com extension.

·         Don’t Include Numbers of Hyphens

Instead of making a website address complicated by adding numbers of hyphens to it, get a simple name that goes well with the business. If the name of the choice isn’t available, then a site owner should go for another name that doesn’t include numbers in it.

·         Buy from The Best

There could be several companies that claim to offer the best domain name services, but not all of them are the right place to get a domain name. Get it from a reputed and trusted service provider. There are some good companies that offer a domain name and hosting services in one place.

Getting a domain name and hosting plan from the best company ensures a website performs well over the Internet.

In the digital world like today, the website is one of the important things that must be owned as a means to support online businesses and as other information media. Website has been used by companies, organizations and individuals for many purposes and activities. For example, on a campus, the website is used as an information portal about the campus profile and for e-Learning events. Likewise, for those of you who run an online business, a website is very important for you to have, but unfortunately, many people do not understand what should be considered and prepared before creating a website.

Website Content and Display

This is the most important, because visitors who visit your website have a necessary goal to find information and are interested in the products you offer. Make the content as interesting as possible, the content in question can be in the form of an article with a pen streaked with photos or videos about the information that you want to share, as well as a description of the products you sell on your website. In addition to content, the appearance of the website also needs attention, use user-friendly and mobile-friendly templates. The point is, your website must be able to create a comfortable visitor and has a responsive display that can adjust the size according to the device used by visitors. Responsive Webdesign Theme also become things that need attention. Responsive website will provide convenience in browsing our website for visitors.

Optimize your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) with SEO techniques, the goal is so that when visitors type certain keywords that are relevant to your website content, then search engines will index your website pages on the first page of SERP. Of course, you do not want a website that you have stood up to so many visitors, right? SEO aims to increase website ranking, increase product sales on your website, and can reduce the cost of promotion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize your website on SERP (Search Engine Result Page) with SEO techniques, the goal is so that when visitors type certain keywords that are relevant to your website content, then search engines will index your website pages on the first page of SERP. Of course, you do not want a website that you have stood up to so many visitors, right? SEO aims to increase website ranking, increase product sales on your website, and can reduce the cost of promotion. TYPO3 provides services for building websites with good opportunities using SEO techniques as well. TYPO3 Theme is also available with many choices that will give a good impression when your website visitors enter your site.

No less important also in making your website always attractive to visitors is to update and maintain your website regularly. With the development of technology that is growing rapidly, do not make your website obsolete because it was never taken care of. Using services like TYPO3 is highly recommended. In addition to not spending money, your website can be more attractive and still be a mainstay for your business.

Some people think that small companies are no match in the business industry. But this is found to be wrong because no matter what size of the company you have, if you have a workplace that is equipped with IT and proper management, then it will survive and grow.

I supposed; you are aware that technology has a very important role in a company. It has an enormous impact on the daily transactions or activities in a usual workplace setting. The finances, communication, files, monitoring or security are all efficient and automated because of advanced technology.

Now, do you have a small firm and have not yet applied computerized systems? If you do, then I suggest you look for an IT company in NYC and ask for the services that can help you succeed in the industry. So, how do you think can this technology help your business grow?


Through reliable IT services, you will be able to boost the speed of your production. From old to advanced facilities and equipment, you can greatly increase the number of your products. Indeed, it is true that buying automated and computerized machines are costly. However, this is to your advantage, too.

For example, if you have a small printing press, then you can double and even triple the printout. Let’s say that you opened this publication company with the traditional printing system, where you can only print low-quality type of paper. But later on, you upgraded your machines and purchased an advanced printer, which allows you to print high-quality paper. Basing on this example alone, can you see how technology helped your business grow?

Managing a company is quite difficult, too, because you have to take care of your clients’ orders. With a computerized system, handling the orders will be more efficient and systematic. You won’t have to miss deadlines and shipments as well.


You have to secure your transactions and records, too. You can do this by using a secured database system. Your company must use software that can only be accessed by rightful individuals. Of course, passwords are used here.

What’s really great with this software is that you should be able to upload it over the Cloud. This will serve as your backup, anyway. Now, if your system fails, then all your files and records will still be secured and can be recovered online. Go here to learn more about Cloud Computing.


It is true that you just have a small firm, but you have to find ways on how to grow. You can do this through advanced communication.

Sometimes, you have to move out of your office and meet clients. What if your client cannot find a schedule to see you personally? Let’s say that he is also out of town. Well, communication must not be an issue. You can always connect with clients and colleagues inside or out of the workplace through a fast Internet connection.

Can you see now how good it is to have a powerful and speedy connection? It will always be an advantage because there is improved flexibility in terms of communication.


To survive competition among small companies, you must have an effective marketing strategy. The old ways of using advertisements are still fine, anyway. But these are expensive.

Therefore, learn how to use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If possible, you should also learn how to invest in SEO and marketing specialist for a better and an improved marketing plan. And then, it is very important to update your clients and customers about your new products, promotions, e-vouchers, and special offers or discounts. These are done through email marketing.

Customer Service

When you have to deal with clients, whether an inquiry or a complaint, customer service needs to respond immediately. A fast response is expected, and you can do this through advanced technology.

Before you just need to pick up the phone and talk to clients about their concerns. Today, you can use live chat and emails for 24/7 support. Actually, chatbots are already in the trend – check to find out why.

Indeed, this is a great way to show that your clients’ issues and concerns are important. By the way, another way to reach out to customers is through interactive sites and social media accounts.

Richard Oakes has been recognized as one of the most influential people in the United States of America, This notable activist, who was born on 22nd of May 1942 in Akwesasne, New York, had tiredly and actively fought for the rights of the Native American people. He was always so determined to make the native people of the country get better treatments and more justice. So then, there were no more gaps among the people where they could have the same chance to get an excellent education and to possess a federal out of use land to live on. Besides, there are actually so many other things that you have to know about Richard Oakes Activist. Luckily, you can figure them out below.

His Life before Becoming an Activist

Richard Oakes had spent him on the Mohawk Indian Reservation which is located in Akwesasne, New York  (near the border of the Canadian). He started to live his life in a traditional way by fishing and planting squash, beans, and corns just like the other natives did. Yet, the bad thing began to happen when there was a construction of the St. Lawrence Seaway which brought the heavy industry to the area. As time went by, this construction also contaminated the environment so badly, so that there were no proper lands, and waters. Then, in order to overcome the hard times, he had, he decided to become a steelworker that made him travel a lot. Furthermore, he met an Italian woman who gave him a son called Bryan in 1968. Unfortunately, he divorced his wife after the birth of his son because he wanted to enroll in San Francisco State University. According to the Richard Oakes Multicultural Center, when he became a student at the college, he attended class in the day and worked as a bartender at night.

Things He Did After Leaving Alcatraz

After leaving Alcatraz, Richard Oakes he decided to join the other activist organization which was called Pit River Tribe. This particular organization had been focused on reclaiming three million acres of property from Pacific Gas and Electric Co. Well, he actually had some plans to do with the property, but they led him into awful police brutality instead of success. So then, he became a victim of tear gas, billy clubs, and even brief jail time because of something that he really believed. The good news was that he was released soon even though he was hospitalized for about a month as he got involved in a terrible bar fight once he went back to San Francisco in 1971.

Why the People Wanted Alcatraz

Last but not least, there was a specific reason why Richard Oakes really wanted to make Alcatraz belong to the Native American people. Simply, he actually wanted to build a university for the native people on the island, so that they would have easier access to the better education. Thus, in the end, they could have bigger job opportunities for sure.

Shortly after announcing the news that CORDET Capital Partners would be acquiring Payments group Secure Trading Limited (STL), Secure Trading Financial Services Ltd (STFS) (t/a and Secure Trading Inc (STI) (the “Group”), Secure Trading and announced that it would be onboarding its first cryptocurrency client.

On May 23, the company shared that it had decided to provide payment gateway and merchant acquiring solutions for CoinLoan, a peer-to-peer lending platform for crypto-asset-backed loans. CoinLoan allows its users to borrow up to 60 percent of the cryptocurrency’s current market value; this allows and encourages people to invest in cryptocurrencies without making them cash poor.

“We are building a forward-thinking culture in relation to Blockchain and cryptocurrency and are delighted that CoinLoan has bought into this and integrated us into their payments ecosystem,” Craig Brightly, Head of Sales at SecureTrading, said after the announcement.

Acceptance of Cryptocurrency Grows

Cryptocurrency has been in the spotlight more and more as it grows in popularity around the world. Even Facebook has entered the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin was the first to receive widespread attention. With Facebook recently jumping into the market, cryptocurrency is expected to become even more mainstream.

Overall, cryptocurrencies make it easier to conduct transactions. Transfers are simplified through the use of public and private keys for security and privacy purposes. One of the biggest advantages, these transfers can be done with minimal processing fees; this allows users to avoid the steep fees charged by traditional financial institutions.

Consumers are not the only party to benefit from increased attention and acceptance of cryptocurrency. This latest acquisition is also good news for CoinLoan itself, which will benefit from Secure Trading/’s OCT (Original Card Transaction) system. This system allows refunds to be processed without referring to the original authorization. According to the press release, because these refunds can be of greater value than the original transaction and be paid out to a different card than the one used to pay, the system is ideal for CoinLoan.

“CoinLoan takes pride in allowing our customers to withdraw funds directly to their cards quickly and securely when requested,” Max Sapelov, Co-Founder at CoinLoan said. “Secure Trading’s OCT system facilitates this by processing the withdrawal effectively as a refund, with extra funds added to the amount.”

Would you like to find out more about secure trading, cryptocurrency and how the latest news affects your business? Check out the helpful reviews and industry updates Best Payment Providers has to offer. Find all the information you need to set your business up with the best merchant services in the UK.

Author Bio: Payment industry expert Taylor Cole is a passionate merchant account expert who understands the complicated world of accepting credit and debit cards at your business. His understanding of the industry and secure trading has helped thousands of business owners save money and time.

With the advancement in technology, social media trends keep on evolving with time. The social platforms especially YouTube has become an everyday need. it is really difficult to spend a day without using YouTube because from our favorite dramas, to reviews, DIY`s and every type of music video are available on it. There is no doubt that the great influencers and celebrities are posting videos as independent personalities to build a large fan following. The video platform is harnessed by every kind of vloggers which demands consistent work, good camera, and a reliable internet connection. According to the ranking with most subscribers, we have listed the independent YouTubers instead of their channels. So, get to know Top 10 YouTubers in the world.

  1. PewDiePie

PewDiePie also is known as Felix Kjellberg from the United Kingdom is popular for creating and sharing videos based on games. His coverage gas expanded to 98 million subscribers because of his honest commentary and observation while playing video games.

  1. HolaSoyGerman

The famous personality German Garmendia owns more than 35 million subscribers on his YouTube channel JuegaGerman. He is basically a comedian creator who also works as a musician with a band known as Ancud.

  1. Whinderssonnunes

Yes, the name is bit creaky, but the Brazilian YouTuber is famous for creating comedy parodies, music and movie comedy reviews. With more than 35 million subscribers, WhinderssonNunes runs the 2nd highest Brazilian channel.

  1. ElrubiusOMG

To enjoy comedy vlogs and different gameplay, the Spanish YouTuber Ruben DoblasGundersen creates exceptionally unique content. With at least 34 million subscribers, he operates most subscribed YouTube channel currently in Spain.

  1. Fernanfloo

The famous Salvadoran Twitcher and YouTuber, Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado owns subscribers with more than the population of country he lives. With a count of more than 33 million subscribers, Luis creates unique YouTube content for his followers.

  1. Felipe Neto

Brazilian comedian, actor and a Youtuber has reached 32 million subscribers by giving its audience the daily content based merely on movies, daily activities, and celebrities.

  1. Vegtta777

With 26 million subscribers, Samuel de Luque is a famous Spanish gamer who YouTubes about his gameplay. He uploads about gameplay, their plots, stories, and related content.

  1. Vanoss Gaming

The Canadian YouTuber is successful to gain popularity within a short span with 24 million subscribers. His name Evan Fong is well known for posting videos while playing games with his friends and different YouTubers.

  1. LuccasNeto

The Brazilian YouTuber and well-known comedian LuccasNeto Ferreira gained 6 billion views on his channel in a year. Currently, he owns around 24 million subscribers.

  1. LuisitiComunica

Do you love traveling then do not forget to follow Luis Arturo VillarSudek channel on YouTube with title LuisitoComunica. The amazing person shares all his vlog videos while traveling and describes cultures, compares different things and shares his experiences.


From famous streamers to reviewers, musicians to pranksters, all of the personalities produce exceptional content. The top 10 YouTubers in the world surely have a great cultural influence on the internet audience. So, if have missed any of the famous YouTuber don’t forget to subscribe. They all also use their twitter account to tweet about their new blogs and videos. You can download twitter videos they have shared you save on your computer/tablet.

Are you facing internet issues? Do you often face troubled browsing? Then your case is not exceptional because almost everyone faces internet connection trouble, but few tips and tricks will help you on how to properly check your internet speed? Checking the bandwidth for you are paying, the best solution is to go for a Ptcl speed test and have a performance test but to root out the network problems, it is best to get issues fixed.

How to test home internet speed?

Now if you really want to know how fast is your internet? It is the right time to make sure what actual speed you are receiving from the provider. Follow the step by step procedure on how to test home internet speed?

  • Connect the computer or PC to router directly by using a reliable Ethernet cable.
  • Now open a web browser and type
  • However, there are many other internet speed test platforms available online for free. You can select any of the platforms you trust.
  • Now Click on GO.

A complete generated report will show the upload and download speed. Remember results may vary according to the timings because internet speeds often fluctuate so it is wise to take multiple tests.

What is required Mbps?

The speed of internet varies according to the provider and demand of the user. Such as Netflix recommended speed is of 5 Mbps or for HD streaming, faster speed is required but this speed is considered slow. 5 Mbps is best for only one device to stream without any interruption, especially for a home network. However, the speed of cable internet varies according to the area, but it must offer minimum downloading speed of at least 50 Mbps up to 1000 Mbps.


So, most of the time everything is almost fine but still, you won’t receive the required speed. Despite trying all the tips and tricks, if you still face connection issues, it is best to reach out network technician for advanced settings. Good Luck to get the right internet speed, your little effort will surely solve all the issues.

Are you looking for a reliable telecom service? Then there is no better option than Etisalat. To cope up with the fast-paced life, the need for fast speed internet is also increasing due to which various concerns were elevated by different internet users mainly in UAE. The problem to load pages, download internet content and fast speed issues were resolved by Etisalat, the world’s successful and largest telecom and mobile services are available for instant use in UAE. Currently, Etisalat owns more than 167 million subscribers and until 2006, Etisalat was the only mobile service available in UAE. Get to know the internet speed with Etisalat speed test.

Internet connection speed

Etisalat offers the fastest internet speed in the Middle East. The outstanding Telecommunication Company is successful in establishing Fiber to the home network which is covering 87{21a1863a511fe4b5a9359d5ed79fea2ef7e9548014d8f6294ec66b0f3ec537c4} of UAE extents. UAE is the first country that owns fiber connected service. The super-fast internet speed increases to 500 Mbps that makes the leading company top Telecommunication network. The amazing tool enables an individual to find what speed Etisalat users are receiving.

Etisalat Mission

The company was established four decades before in UAE and was the only international blue-chip organization with a mission to deliver best in class telecommunication experience to its users internationally and domestically. The long-term plans, investment, and economic support made ideas operational in the market. Currently, it is the most admired group, emerging with consistent technologies. The headquarters of Etisalat is situated in Abu Dhabi which makes it fully connected with the fastest speed of fiber optic.

Etisalat speed test

Due to the growing demand of internet in UAE, the issues with internet are also increasing. To check the internet speed instantly and to detect the connectivity issues, online test initiative detects the speed of a broadband connection. Etisalat has introduced innovative packages with advanced technological ideas. The application is exceptionally designed to offer accurate Etisalat speed test results while the outages may affect the result.  It is an easy yet optimal way to check what type of service you are receiving after paying a reliable amount to the companies.

Why you need a speed test tool?

The speed test tool is a great useful tool that provides assistance with an accurate download and uploads internet speed.  It is best to perform speed tests at numerous times to see how fast is your connection and when you are receiving the lowest latency? Test the broadband speed now and get the paramount information instantly. However, there are many obvious reasons to use speed test tool which are as follows.

  • To check the broadband speed
  • To ensure what you are paying for
  • For selecting a reliable and affordable broadband package
  • To deal with internet speed issues
  • To find optimal timings for downloading and uploading

Use Etisalat speed test tool

Etisalat speed test tool is a great way to measure the quality and speed of internet connection. Do you notice issues while downloading or uploading files? Do you feel that websites are loading slower than usual? So, measure and test properties of Etisalat Internet Connection by using an optimal tool to perform Etisalat test.

Net revenue of Etisalat

Etisalat is a branded trade name of Emirates Telecommunications Corporation which is a UAE based multinational telecommunications provider. The services are available in more than 15 countries including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Etisalat is titled as the 12th largest Telecommunication operator in the world and the strongest company according to Forbes. The net revenue of Etisalat as recorded in 2014 was around the US $10.6 billion and profit was the US $1.93 billion with the market capitalization of $22 billion. The company ensures to deliver best connectivity along with roaming services including 3G, 4G, and GPRS.


The demand for faster broadband has been increasing with time. People prefer to utilize world-class telecom services that will revamp the life of individuals with engaging content. Etisalat promises to introduce innovative services which will provide a flexible package at a reasonable price to all customers. The Telecommunication services have continued to expand across Saudi Arabia, Egypt and notably in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. The innovative, intuitive and exceptional mobile and broadband services are available for millions of people in affordable prices which has revolutionized the market dynamics.