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How does your day look like? Are you waking up early, checking the news at a morning coffee, the weather as well just to be on the safe side, setting up your navigator to accomplish your daily commute, browsing the internet for some juicy feed, listening music and indulging a calculated amount of entertainment material? Well, it turns out you are using your phone just about like anyone else – a lot.

That is not to say excessively, but our lives have inexorably become intricate enough to demand from us an elevated attention to our phones and their applicability. As you may be using your iPhone 8 for tasks beyond phone calls, the battery takes its toll. So how does it all work?

Firstly, your phone is designed to convey a seamless and fast experience through the intricate combination of advanced technology and complex engineering – the iPhone 8 battery not being an exception. It’s continuous and laborious application, however, induces the battery into a state of regression and galvanic decay. It probably also doesn’t sound unfamiliar that your close smartphonic companion, after a year and a half of faithful servitude, has suddenly started his naughty rebellion with periodic glitches and lags. Nonetheless, don’t be alarmed – all rechargeable batteries have their own lifespan, which, when decreased, significantly affects the performance and capacity of the smartphone. It is simply the life of a battery!

But before jumping into problem resolution, here are a few things you might want to check before changing your battery:

Excessive memory usage

If there are too many applications ravaging your internal memory capacity, clean up the running memory and reduce the strain on your iPhone 8 genuine battery.

Delete/close latent or apps of unknown origin

Sketchy applications of doubtful origins lurk around on the internet, and they can quite often find their way into our device without us even noticing. Latent apps remain in the background while also cocktailing some of the energy of your battery. Delete or close them.

Low Power Mode

You can set your phone on low power mode to reduce its power consumption and let the phone focus on only a subset of applications in parallel.

Screen Brightness

Very often one of the main determinants of battery drainage is iPhone 8 screen brightness. Consumers usually underestimate the amount of battery power it can drain, which is why having a low-brightness screen standard will surely expand the life of your battery.

Now, to the matter at hand. There are three main ways to replace your iPhone 8 battery. The traditional method for iPhone 8 battery replacement is signing up for an Apple Store battery replacement support. You will visit the physical store and the technical specialists will be able will take care of the technical aspects of your repair. However, if the one-year warranty or Apple Care subscription has expired, you will have to pay the cost for technical care.

A second option would be to find a third-party repair shop and entrust your device to their technical professionals. This is more of a gray area and it frankly depends very much on the local circumstances. The third-party repair store might be reputable enough to assume liability for their work and solve your issue, sometimes quicker and cheaper than your typical Apple Store.

If, however, you are looking to feel crafty and your pocket is rather empty, you can attempt to replace the battery by yourself. There are quite a few things to keep in mind, but hopefully this list of steps below will prove sufficient to deal with this challenge head-on:

Step 1:

 Discharge your battery below 25%

 Power off the phone before disassembling

Step 2:

 Unscrew the two pentalobe screws at the bottom edge of your phone

 Heat the lower edge of your phone to loosen up the display adhesives. For this purpose, you can use an iOpener

Step 3:

 Use a suction cup on the lower half of the display (without touching the home button)

 Pull the suction cup upwards to create a small gap between the panel and the case.

 Use an opening pick to slide from the beginning of the gap around the edges of the phone while holding the display in place. Note: Do not pry open the top edge of the display from the case – it is attached by plastic clips that may break upon pressure.

Step 4:

 Open the iPhone 8 lcd by swinging the display up from the left side, like the back cover of a book (Don't try to fully separate the display yet, as several fragile ribbon cables still connect it to the iPhone's logic board.)

Step 5 (battery disconnection):

 Unscrew the four Phillips screws sealing the lower display cable bracket to the logic board and remove the bracket.

 Pry the battery connector out of its socket in the logic board and then tilt its cable slightly away from the logic board.

Step 6:

 Disconnect the display connector from its socket, as well as the second lower display cable.

 Remove the three Phillips screws sealing the bracket over the front panel sensor assembly connector and remove the bracket. Disconnect the panel.

Step 7:

 Remove the display.

 Unscrew the three screws sealing the bracket next to the Taptic Engine and remove it.

 Disconnect the diversity antenna flex cable from the logic board.

 Disconnect the Wi-Fi diversity antenna.

Step 8:

 Remove the screws sealing the Taptic Engine, move away the antenna cable socket, and disconnect the Taptic Engine

Step 9:

 Finally, the two pieces of adhesive attached to both the top and bottom part of the battery must be slowly pulled away from the battery until it slips out from between the battery and the case.

After following these steps, you should be now able to do an iPhone 8 battery replacement and reassemble your phone back. The process might seem long and tedious, but it is worth the try and not an ordeal as it might first seem. And now, have fun with your upgraded device!

Catastrophic failures of lithium-ion batteries are rare. When they do occur though, the consequences can be quite serious. There have been past reports of serious injuries and deaths resulting from exploding cell phone and e-cigarette batteries, for example. As such, anything we can do to make lithium-ion batteries safer should be done.

A group of researchers in Germany think they have come up with something. They have devised a non-contact way of measuring the charge state of a battery using magnetic fields. They say their method can also be used to detect potential problems that battery makers would otherwise be unaware of.

How Batteries Work

All batteries rely on a cathode and anode (the positive and negative ends of the battery) to store and transfer energy by way of a chemical reaction. In short, the chemical reaction inside a battery case increases the volume of electrons at the cathode (positive end). When the circuit is completed at the anode (negative end) power is transferred from the battery to the device it powers.

The German researchers surmised that normal battery activity might disrupt surrounding magnetic fields. So, they turned to something known as a magnetometer to see if they were right. It turns out they were.

Magnetometers are routinely used by theoretical physicists in their search for the origins of the universe. The devices are also used in a variety of commercial and scientific applications to measure magnetic fields. So, we are talking about a fairly common device.

What They Did

To test their theory, the researchers created a magnetic field into which they place lithium-ion batteries. They then used a standard magnetometer to measure the strength of the magnetic field and any displacement caused by the batteries. They discovered that the amount of displacement was relative to the charge state of the battery being measured.

Using a magnetometer allows for a non-contact means of determining charge level. It also allows for observing other properties of the surrounding magnetic field that would indicate a particular battery is faulty. Battery faults are not so easily observed through current non-contact means.

Why It Matters

To understand why any of this matters, we turn to Salt Lake City's Pale Blue Earth, an up-and-coming company that specializes in lithium-ion USB rechargeable batteries. The good folks at Pale Blue Earth explain that a non-contact way of measuring battery state could help manufacturers find faulty batteries before they make it into the pipeline.

If that is true for Pale Blue Earth batteries, it should also hold true for cell phone, laptop, and camera batteries. It should hold true for any lithium-ion battery that can be safely placed into a magnetic field.

Imagine being able to measure batteries before they are put on a plane and shipped across the country. Identifying faulty batteries ahead of time would greatly reduce the risks of catastrophic failure in flight. And that is just one example of the implications of this discovery.

Daily Applications

In a more practical vein, the discovery opens the door to developing consumer solutions that would allow everyday users to better measure how much juice is left in their batteries. Such a solution would allow a runner, for example, to make sure her lithium-ion batteries are fully charged before she heads out on a run with her portable MP3 player.

Measuring battery charge state with a magnetometer is so remarkably simple it's a wonder no one thought of it before. But now that researchers have discovered it works, the doors open to all sorts of scientific and daily applications. If nothing else, the discovery could make lithium-ion batteries safer.

Irrespective of the type or size of a business, online reputation management is crucial. Internet usage has increased significantly over the years, and many people are turning to it to get information. For example, potential clients are likely to Google search for a business name and check the reputation before deciding on whether or not to buy from a firm.

If a company cares about other people’s perception of its brand, it needs to plan to ensure that what they find is positive. Search results about a brand may make or break it. If its negative, people are likely to move to other competitors’ sites.

Sound online reputation management strategies enable organizations to gain a competitive as they appear in search results in a way that earns them trust. Consumers tend to make purchases only from dealers they trust. Another benefit of managing a reputation on online platforms is that it helps to build brand awareness. Here are the three problems a business may experience due to bad online reviews:

Significant Reduction in Sales Volumes

Some studies have shown that consumers trust online reviews more than ever before. According to statistics, about 80% of customers are unlikely to buy goods and services from sellers with negative reviews. Although some sites such as Amazon crackdown on fraudulent feedback from internet users, a significant percentage of reviews may be fake.

Such reviews may boost a competitor's sales volumes or result in increased complaints from customers. Either way, this leads to reduced revenue. Bad online reviews carry the same weight, whether genuine or not, as many people may not tell the difference. However, some internet users may understand that mistakes may happen and have a willingness to overlook negative feedback from some clients.

According to some researchers who focused on the impact of bad reviews on restaurants, a 1-star rating increase can result in a 9% increase in sales revenue. Also, it was established that revenue differences between 3-star and 5-star restaurants could be as high as 18%. This means that businesses with about $1 million annual revenue may lose up to $180,000 due to bad reviews.

Difficulties During Recruitment Exercises and Retention Efforts

Other than revenue, bad negative online reviews may mean increased hiring costs and lead to employee retention crisis in an organization. According to the findings of a study conducted in the United States, over 70% of residents are unlikely to apply for jobs in companies with bad online reviews.

Existing workers may be the cause of a bad reputation, which may prevent an organization from recruiting skilled employees. The customers' perception of the CEO of a company can also have a negative impact on its reputation. For example, their negative posts may lead to brand boycotts.

If a firm decides to retain leaders after such incidents, it may cost them as high as 21% more in remuneration packages. In some cases, it may be impossible to convince some employees to stay in an organization with a bad reputation. If that happens, organizations may spend tens of thousands of dollars in the replacement of midrange positions.

Negative Online Reviews May Mean Losing Customers

According to some researchers, a single bad review can drive away about 30% of potential customers. Also, the more the negative reviews, the more the number of clients a business may lose. The researchers also found out that over four negative reviews may lead to the loss of 70% of clients.

Many customers tend to share bad experiences than good ones after buying goods and services. For most reviewers, sharing bad reviews is a way of ensuring other people don’t experience the same. Organizations can encourage their satisfied customers to leave their reviews too.

The engineers and technicians at Rock West Solutions go to work every day knowing that the sensor and signal processing technology they are working on plays a vital role in defending the United. They know that in the age of modern computerized warfare, better sensors make for better national defense.

Military leaders in India and Taiwan are about to gain first-hand knowledge of this reality. Thanks to a $67.6 million contract awarded to Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control, India and Taiwan will be on the receiving end of two new sensor systems that will improve the navigation and firing capabilities of the Boeing AH-64D/E Apache helicopter.

Known more simply as the Apache, the AH-64D is the preferred attack helicopter for a variety of combat scenarios. It allows for precision strikes with quick entry and exit. Apaches have served the U.S. military quite well since their inception in the 1970s.

The Apache's New Sensors

Rock West explains that it is the many on-board sensors hosted by the Apache that makes it so successful as a combat helicopter. Yet, as with all things military, there is ever room for improvement. Thus, the Apache is getting two brand-new sensor arrays to improve navigation and weapons firing.

A new Pilot Night Vision Sensor will give pilots near infrared clarity for navigating under all sorts of conditions. Navigation will be improved not only during the nighttime hours, but also during bad weather events. Better navigation makes for safer missions all the way around.

Additionally, the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Site is a sensor array that gives weapons officers a better means of acquiring targets and firing on them. Key to this technology is a color display. Being able to see color makes it easier for attack officers to identify what it is they are looking at.

Warfare at a Distance

Whether it is Rock West Solutions or Lockheed Martin, the contractors developing modern weapons systems are having to think of warfare from an entirely new mindset. Long gone are the days when war was conducted exclusively via hand-to-hand combat. As time goes on, warfare is being conducted from greater distances.

Today's defense sector sensors have to be capable of covering greater distances with greater accuracy. The primary goal is to win the battle while keeping human combatants out of harm's way as much as possible. Thus, better sensors make for better defense.

Sensor technology has come quite a long way over the years. Some of the technologies we now have at our disposal make anything that was available during World War II look like child's play. Things will only get better as defense contractors figure out ways to design and build better sensors.

The Support Side of Warfare

Of course, it is not fair to talk about military sensors without also discussing the support side of the equation. The actual fighting is only half the war. The other half are the myriad support services that keep combat operations going. They rely on sensor technology as well.

A good example is material acquisition and control. Something as simple as RFID transponders and receivers make it possible for the military apparatus to track every piece of equipment on the ground. What amounts to a pretty basic sensor is actually extremely helpful in managing wartime activities.

War has changed over the years. The end result – victory over the enemy – has not changed, but how that result is achieved has. Today's warfare is about science as much as military tactics. And to that end, better sensors make for better military operations.

You'll never get your child's behavior to be socially acceptable if you practice inconsistent parenting skills. It's like trying to do anything when the goalposts keep being changed. You're never going to score because each time you try, the goal isn't where you thought it was. It means you simply can't win. So, in this brief discussion, we are going to establish how you can set about improving your child's behavior by offering you some essential tips on positive parenting solutions.

A steady rational approach promotes follow-the-rule attitudes

One of the cardinal sins with parenting is to underestimate your child's powers of comprehension. Given the right teaching, any child will learn that good behavior has its rewards. However, the lessons and examples have to be taught and shown in a consistent manner. The same is true in terms of using blatant bribes to get the desired result.

The fact of the matter is that any child can quickly latch onto how to go about taking advantage of the bribe system if you are inconsistent in your approach. So rather than creating new rewards every time you succeed in getting your child to do what you wish, you need to come up with a consistent system that your child will understand. This will result in your little one coming to understand and appreciate the rules, rather than them rebelling until they get an expected reward.

How being consistent helps children to learn about cause and effect

The next tip we are going to recommend is about being consistent when you demonstrate cause and effect to your child. In the same way that consistently showing a kid that acceptable behavior is rewarded, if you don't show the child what always happens when rules are disobeyed, they will think there are times when they can get away with it.

To steer your child away from unwanted behaviors, you need to be sure to always show what the consequences will be in terms of cause and effect. If, for example, a kid becomes nasty during free play with other children, you might want to think about isolating the child from its peers as a result. If a kid is unwilling to share its toys, you can always consider taking the toy away until the child is ready to share.

The problem is that using a sanction such as a timeout each time a kid exhibits misbehavior may not be consistent with the child's particular action and will therefore not demonstrate cause and effect. Because the child cannot relate to a relationship between their behavior and an appropriate consequence, it could result in your little one acting up even more.

Exhibiting constant emotions will develop a child’s honesty

If your emotional reactions are consistent, it means that your child is less likely to be afraid of how you might react when something bad occurs. Being consistently calm and tranquil, and holding a consistent attitude in both positive and negative situations, will result in your child becoming more open and honest each time he or she makes a mistake or requires help.

If you are tolerant in a specific situation one day, but then on the next day, you are intolerant to that same scenario, this can cause a child to become anxious about what to expect. Furthermore, that anxiousness could result in the child hiding things from you in fear of how you could react. Bear in mind that if a child doesn't have a healthy way to vent emotions, that child might exhibit more risky behavior.

Being consistent across the board

It's no good having one rule for someone and another for other people. It is, therefore, vital to ensure that others, including grandparents, nannies, and teachers, all treat your child in the same way. When a child thinks that some figures in authority accept bad behaviors but not others, they will latch onto this inconsistency and use it to their own benefit, resulting in bad behavior when a kid thinks it can get away with it.

It’s like applying the same logic when you send your child to boot camp only to find that it doesn't improve the child's behavior when he or she gets back home. The scenarios are different, as are the authority figures, so in your child's mind, the rules go out of the window.

In conclusion

Consistent parenting is no easy thing. It requires much thought and hard work because the truth of the matter is that it is difficult to be consistent every minute. Given that truth, the tips we have offered are for use as guidelines in terms of proper parenting. However, it also important to appreciate the need for flexibility in certain situations.

Author Bio:

Andy Earle is a researcher who studies parent-teen communication and adolescent risk behaviors. He is the co-founder of, ghostwriter at, and host of the Talking to Teens podcast, a free weekly talk show for parents of teenagers.

The ever-evolving technologies continue to ease our lives.  From enhanced efficiency, accessibility, control, among other concerns, it is now easier to manage various operations than in the recent past. In hotspot areas, such as clinical trials that are highly controlled by the FDA with stringent compliance requirements, technology has made it easier by streamlining various areas of concern. With the right resources, such as LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Systems), clinical trial management is more comfortable and productive. While technology delivers numerous benefits, your organization can only realize such benefits if you choose the right LIMS. While selecting the best LIMS, among the top factors to consider include.

IT resources

LIMS require certain resources to implement and support, with some more demanding than others. If, for instance, your IT capacity is not that well-off, it would help if you opted for COTS (commercial off-the-shelf system that has extensive functionality configured or a tailor-made specialty system following your industry-specific needs such as the laboratory type. Such systems require fewer configurations, and with a cloud-based system, even lesser resources for successful installation and maintenance.

The budget

While considering budgetary concerns, determining the total cost of ownership (TCO) requires a thorough evaluation. Determining the best LIMS requires more than a blank stare at the initial capital injection, as you have to consider the ongoing costs as well. From required customizations to keep up with the changes, extra modules costs, annuity maintenance, standard functionality, and license costs, you need to diligently analyze the financial implication to select an ideal LIMS per your organization’s needs and budget.

Lab type

What LIMS features would best support your lab environment? For efficient management and productivity, for instance, R&D lab requirements differ from QA/QC labs. Before hitting the market, therefore, you need to understand your lab type and highlight essential consideration that a LIMS must-have to ease your search. You could, for instance, only consider LIMS with tailored functionalities for your specific lab type, such as configurations providing a portal for researchers to submit samples to the lab at various sites if you are running an analytical lab.


Compliance requirements vary from one industry to the next, so is operation management. The best part is that as tech advancements continue to revolutionize the sector, you can now find specialized LIMS tailored for your industry-specific needs. If, for instance, you are running a QC lab, you could go for LIMS with extensive features easing regulatory compliance such as chain of custody, instrument maintenance, and calibration, e-signature, reagents tracking among other essential considerations. If your industry regulations are not that demanding, however, you could opt for a LIMS with additional configurations aimed at enhancing workflow requirements.

Following the level of flexibility desired, moreover, you could consider general-purpose LIMS, such as more programmable options if you are operating in a rapidly evolving environment, or OOB (out-of-box) feature-rich LIMS is you are looking for a flexible system with lower TCO.

While choosing the right LIMS is a significant consideration, verifying that the supplier is reliable and reputable is equally essential. As you select a supplier, see to it that they are resourceful, experienced, and have knowledgeable and active customer support department to ensure that you enjoy a smooth and productive engagement.

In the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the people get traffic in large amounts. This is the goal that you want when they think of your product. Having the webpage appear online with the first page of results is how they want it. When a person is on Google, he may want to see which products are there for him. Then he may try a random search for it to see how many appear. SEO works by showing the results of the keyword put in the search. This may be on the paid section or, on the organic not paid section. On any given day Google receives around 2.2 million searches. Then what they have is getting the highest-ranking pages showing up first. There are SEO experts in Minneapolis that know Google's uses. They do this is by displaying the webpages with the keywords they're looking for first. This gets users able to find your website on Google during the first try. But they have to type in the specific keywords for it to show up.

Then you have the way the keywords appear on the ads in the unpaid sections. The ones that advertise during checkout, and on social media websites as well. These are banner ads you create with the keywords programmed in to appear in results. The SEO experts in Minneapolis know marketing works this way. It's a matter of taking the 90 percent of internet searches from Google and making them appear first. The traffic your website receives is good to increase sales. Important to remember is social media advertising. This is effective in ways that were not achievable yet before. It has millions of users on it. They all come to the same place for the social connections they receive. By advertising here, the amount of traffic you get could increase much more. When a man types in a matching correspondent his time has been handed to advertisers instantly. The rest of SEO is conducted by having time with those results appearing on Google.

The amount of those who use Google is Seventy-Five percent of the internet. This is a place that gives them the speed and efficiency there looking for. The webpages that are on Google are getting the traffic they need. While without it they may go bankrupt on the other ones. The majority of internet users get searching on Google. The SEO is made with the right keywords to get the page seen on time. The business phrases and catch on titles will lead to it also. The best way to optimize your website for SEO is with keywords. Using them in a way to direct people towards you on Google. It is common to think of the design as the reason for web visitation. But it only keeps them using it once they're at it. The methods of combining links together also help traffic flow to it. But search engine optimization is the process of using appropriate keywords.

As all those who think web traffic comes from some form of good product it's true. They will succeed well by its success on the market. Through word of mouth and by the new customers that reach it. The way to increase web traffic takes optimizing the right keywords of the business. As the time increases with SEO use the number of visits will then occur. Like a home that is nicely taken care of the website gains notability. The users learn to trust the webpage for their shopping. This is why programmers need to keep them satisfied with its image.

SMS EasyReader&Printer is a free online application for uploading and supporting *.XML • MSG • VMSG • VMG • CSV • TXT files from all smartphones with Android, Windows Phone and iOS. With SMS EasyReader&Printer you can easily  READ  •  MANAGE  •  SEARCH  •  SELECT  •  GENERATE CHATS  •  VIEW STATISTICS  •  DELETE  •  CLEAN SPAMS  •  EMAIL SMS'ES  •  SAVE  and  PRINT  your SMS text messages and MMSes (*.JPG,PNG and GIF) from all kinds of smartphones and iPhones.

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SMS EasyReader&Printer is an innovative web solution that enables users to transfer and print SMS from Android for free. With minimum tech knowledge, you can learn how to print SMS from Android like a real pro! Printed material is much more valuable than it seems. Only after being able to print SMS text messages from Android, you will understand all the purposes of a printed SMS.

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All it takes is a few simple steps and you will be able to print SMS text messages from Android.

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Download the app.

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SMS EasyReader&Printer SpeedPRO

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EMF is becoming a buzz word in media circles. What is it? Electric and magnetic fields. They exist in nature, but they are also human made in the form of electric currents and voltages. Invisible to the naked eye but still all around us. If you could see it, it would permeate just about everything. If you could hear it, it would sound like constant tapping. The problem is some people are sensitive to the signal put out by electrical appliances or so they say. There is even a term for it, Electrical Sensitivity. Your home is no doubt full of EMF generating devices, but you probably want to keep all of them. So, what do you do to protect yourself?

The suggested solutions are quite simple. You can buy a case for your phone. You can buy a case for laptop radiation protection to lessen the exposure. Don’t hold your phone in your pocket as some studies suggest that in itself can cause cancer. Grounding is a simple fix. All that means is walking barefoot on the ground. If you can’t get to ground level too often, there are grounding mats that you can buy and lay on the floor to mimic the effect. Healing crystals are available if you're so interested. You can turn off your wifi when not in use. If you have any smart meters, have them removed. Only the electric company wants you to use it but there’s no requirement that you have one. The easiest and cheapest solution is to turn everything off and go outside. Laptop radiation protection is essential if you leave it on your lap.

Getting into more specifics is a little tricky. Conflicting opinions and studies can leave a consumer bewildered. But let’s try anyway. Even if you don’t know who to believe, you can do some things like, of course, keep your phone away when not in use and use laptop radiation protection. You can even try a landline as people did in the olden days. Microwave ovens are so convenient, but they also generate energy that some think is harmful. Keep using it but don’t stand in front of it or stand close to it when you're using it and if you have an old microwave oven, definitely get rid of it and buy a new one. And just like the other devices mentioned, don’t use it if you don’t have to, try cooking on the stove as the pioneers did.

As mentioned, wifi is better left off when not in use, but is it that bad? Children seem to be the most vulnerable since they are still in the growing stage. One study of kids in high tech classrooms shows them complaining of all manner of ailments after classroom wifi exposure. Things like dizziness, racing heart rate, weakness, anxiety, fatigue, feeling faint, problems concentrating, and even chest pain are complaints some have. Then there’s the old standby, electric power lines. Try not to move too close to one. EMFs have four significant dangers according to studies, one, they cause cancer, two, they affect brain function, and three, may even cause dementia, and lastly, may result in loss of antioxidant defenses.

Try to be proactive. A healthy diet can ward off so much in the way carcinogens and nasty EMF signals. Yes, there’s even a diet for this and it’s all mostly yummy stuff. Pecans, pomegranate seeds, rosemary, asparagus, blueberries, walnuts, prunes, broccoli, cinnamon, dates, cilantro, holy basil, omega-3 fatty acids, noni, spirulina and vitamin d3 are all recommended to help protect your brain-blood barrier. Even if you don’t have wifi, it’s all still good, eat it anyways.

Statuses for WhatsApp are an essential part when registering your profile. If you have something to say, express your thought, and be sure that the reaction of friends will please you. Let's figure out what the status in WhatsApp is for.

Why do you need status?

The developers of our beloved messenger do not want standstill. Earlier, we had the opportunity to post only text to express our feelings, emotions, or tell friends about what is going on, what your mood is, and generally where you are. You can learn how to write text status from our article.

Now we have the opportunity to be used for the status of pictures, photos, and even gifs so that it is more exciting and creative. Well, we, too, are not far behind, and therefore decided to tell you about all the possibilities of statuses on our portal.

The status can be about anything, because both men and women write them, and everyone has different hobbies and character traits. Some people prefer single phrase WhatsApp Status. When choosing a massage for yourself, be restrained, give preference to concise and beautiful phrases that can show you only from the best side.

Statuses for WhatsApp: useful features

  • Through textual status, people express themselves;
  • often a right phrase is the beginning of an interesting conversation;
  • you can cheer up friends (using jokes and jokes );
  • if you feel sad and want care and attention, post something sad and beautiful, or, on the contrary, a little aggressive. Watching what kind of reaction from the audience you are waiting for. Just do not overdo it, because your reputation must remain impeccable, not spoil it.
  • You can make love or apologize in a beautiful form. But still, you should not be too frank. After all, this is your personal life.

Experiment and choose a status that will only be understood by the "chosen ones" from your circle of friends. It's even better to dwell on some beautiful saying without specifics. The mystery is your hobby 🙂

We offer you the following options for text statuses for different occasions.

  • Why is it a pity to exist when you can live well?
  • Do not worry about what you cannot change. Release them and boldly move forward.
  • It is your life, and no one will live better than you!
  • Just close your eyes and let raindrops heal your heart.
  • It is vital to preserving the Human in yourself under any circumstances.
  • Plans for the day - live to see tomorrow.
  • Do not trust words - trust your eyes and actions.
  • Many cures for love, but none of them are reliable.
  • Yes, sometimes, you have to delete many from your life. But you can't even think about how much I love those who remain in it!
  • They are mistaken in weather forecasts, but vying to predict the end of the World in a couple of years.
  • It's annoying to drink with someone who does not hide anything.
  • The wind is the richest in the World. We are used to throwing not only money on him but also words and promises.
  • It isn't genius to spend your time on the person who does not want to spend it with you.
  • True beauty has no nationality.
  • Have you ever watched your favourite series with your grandmother? Give it a try! She will be very pleased, but it's not difficult for you.
  • Maybe love is a game for you, but I'm sorry, I'm not a doll.
  • Hopes blind us. Please give me some good sunglasses!
  • Looking at yourself from the side is much more useful than staring at yourself in the mirror.
  • I read on the Internet that if someone is dreaming about you, then he is thinking about you. Today I dreamed of a maniac. So what?!
  • This status jokes that when you realize that he's talking about nothing at all, it will be too late!
  • Sad, I bought myself a Kinder. I thought there would be a princess, and there was some garbage. I'll try again tomorrow.
  • If the dream has come true - I want to hug the whole World and each individually with shouts that life is beautiful!
  • My niece is one year old today! I kiss my sweet cheeks and congratulate happy parents!
  • I want you to understand me without a word! And even better - read my mind. Although not. Thoughts, perhaps, I'll leave with me 🙂
  • You spend 5 minutes with a guy, and then you think about these 5 minutes all week.