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Electricity is an essential aspect of our lives today. Be it our personal life or at workplace, without electricity not only is it difficult to lead the day-to-day life for a normal human being, many critical areas pertaining to health care is also dependent exhaustively on the proper and uninterrupted supply of power. KSEB or the Kerala State Electricity Board, a government run entity generates and distributes power in southern state of Kerala – in God’s own country. If you are one of the numerous customers of this state board, you would understand well that making bill payment, before the advent of internet and smart devices was such a headache. Travelling long distances and long hours, arriving early to be one of the first ones at the payment counter, waiting in never-ending queues for hours together for your turn, tolerating the heat and the humidity and even the longs hours of absence of the clerks from the payment counters enjoying their meals and snacks in the comfort of their air-conditioned rooms – all these and plethora of such experiences can open up a Pandora’s box and most of them would be about the strenuous aspect of offline bill payments.

Thanks to the digital medium, consumers of KSEB can now comfortably sit at homes, offices, cafes, airport lounges, railway stations, in their air-conditioned cars and pay for their outstanding bills, in absolute ease and hassle-free. No doubt that the online methods of payment is fast replacing the offline methods and soon the state electricity boards might have to do away completely with the manual methods of payments and collections.

KSEB customers have two choices for making their online electricity bill payments:-

  1. The first is about paying from the official website of KSEB or through the KSEB App.
  2. The second is about making the payments from the sites or Apps of popular and authorised third party online payment collectors like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe.

Either ways, online payments are much safer than paying through cash and cheques. This is because online payments are facilitated and powered by modern technology that is ever evolving and improving. KSEB and its authorised payment collectors ensure on their part that they use latest innovative technologies to make their systems safer and reliable. Especially when cases of online hacking has been attracting so much attention the world over, companies that are involved in online payment processing and accepting ensure that they invest handsomely every year to update their systems and processes.

Online payments can be done at any time of the day or night. Since there are no manual processes involved at the backend –during payment processing – the online medium can be used 24x7, 365 days a year for immediate payments. This means that if you had forgotten to pay the KSEB bill for the month and remembered to do so at the last minute, you can do so without getting hassled unnecessarily. No running around frantically; no making last minute calls – with online payments everything is organized and the process is highly efficient, thereby enabling consumers to lead a stress-free life.

Every player on the World of Warcraft (WoW) games wants to achieve the highest level of the game so that they can win the games. There are 4 levels that should be achieved by the players that are Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, and Artisan. The lowest level is the apprentice while the highest level is Artisan. Each level requires the different minimum character skills that consist of gathering, non-gathering, and other activities. For example, the minimum required level of the Apprentice is Gathering 0, Non-Gathering 5, and Fishing 5. Meanwhile, the Journeyman requires Gathering 0 (Herbalism, Minning, Skinning), Non-Gathering 10, and Fishing 10. On the other hand, the Expert level requires Gathering 10 (Herbalism, Minning, Skinning), Non-Gathering 20, and Fishing 10. Meanwhile, the highest level that is Artisan requires Gathering 25, Non-gathering 35, First Aid 35, and Fishing 10. After fulfilling the character's requirement, the player can go to the next level.

The types of the profession in WoW Games

In order to increase the level of the games, every player needs to accomplish several types of professions. Basically, the professions can be divided into three types that are gathering, crafting, and service. Each type has a specific characteristic. And the requirement of each level to the number of each type of profession is different. The gathering professions mean a gathering or harvesting items activity. The harvesting process will be conducted by taking the items from the resources to the supply ingredient materials that are widely known as mats. The obtained materials can be cold in the Auction house. Meanwhile, the crafting profession means the creating process of items from other materials such as herbs and bars. As mentioned previously that the crafting products can be sold in the Auction house. However, sometimes the binding on pick up will prevent this process. The high-end crafting can be useful for crafting so that many players tries to use it. The services profession includes buffing items. Normally, it can change the properties of the item without including the changes in the in-game identity of the item. This profession will be suitable for the character that wants to make money.

How to increase the level of the WoW games in a short time

In order to upgrade the level of the WoW games in a short time, the player can use the Vanilla WoW Professions service. This service will help the player to upgrade their level faster than the normal players by doing the same activities with the best choices. What the player needs to do is contacting the online operators such as in BestBoost.Club website to purchase the profession boost service via online chat. Then, they will create a suitable booster in a short time. Need to be remembered that it is not a revolution or any mobile game, and pc game. Well, if you want to purchase the profession boost, you may need to consider several things such as the minimum level is 60 and the obtained gold will be exchanged to buy the wanted reagents of the games.