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Mobile Accessibility testing is quite similar to desktop accessibility testing. There will be a slight difference in the approach of mobile accessibility testing. Accessibility testing is more like software testing, which makes sure the application can be accessed easily by the person with disabilities like color blindness, old age and hearing issues. For operating the software product, disable people will use assistive technology.

It is to be estimated that more than 85% of the screen readers are mobile users. Besides the blind users, many users require accessibility approach like users suffering from arthritis, users using small screen, partially sighted users, movability of finger issue, colorblindness and users suffering from cognitive problems and dyslexia.

Need for Mobile Accessibility Testing:

Most of the disabled readers often use a wireless keyboard for accessing the mobile sites. It doesn't specify that we need a keyboard for testing the mobile site. The need for additional hardware would require many mobile devices with different operating systems and hardware enhancements. This is because the hardware will provide the same accessibility problems and the operating system will have a different version.

There will be the same issue with the hardware as well. There will be variation from device to device screen issues. For mobile Accessibility testing, you will surely need an Android and IoS device.

Types of Accessibility tools:

Good knowledge of tools will be required before performing the Accessibility testing

  1. Inbuilt Accessibility Options:

There are many inbuilt accessibility options in the mobiles. Most of them are not required like zooming option. We can perform zooming using normal actions.

  1. HTML Validator:

HTML validators can be used to perform the mobile website testing on desktop. It is used to ensuring the correctness of the semantics in the website code.

  1. Analyzing Color Ratio:

It is to ensure that the user can read with the color contrast irrespective of the issued faced by the user. This can be tackled by sending a screenshot of the mobile to the desktop and checking the contrast between them.

  1. Screen Readers:

Screen Readers will help to identify the issues and highlight the bad practice. But the usage of screen readers will be time-consuming and challenging. There will be a same number of finger gestures required for both Android and iOS in VoiceOver.

  1. WCAG 2.0 checkpoints:

Most of the countries use this W3C guideline as global standards. Many countries had the same guidelines but don’t match with the W3C guidelines. So, it is advisable to ensure that all audit compliance with WCAG 2.0 AA.

You have to cover the tests like screen reader testing, zooming the application, color ratios, site readability and navigation. Mobile testing for accessibility need not be a big task and can be very similar to the desktop testing requirements. There is overlap desktop site compared to what appeared to be the same on a mobile phone can have a completely different bug when you test them.

The prepaid phone connection has gone down quite well with Indian masses for it helps them stay in touch with their close family and friends at reasonable prices. Also there are no headaches of a fixed plan with fixed rentals every month. Similarly, for Idea Cellular’s prepaid subscriber base it is enjoyable to be online, to make calls and send SMS at their own free-will; thanks to various Idea recharge and top-up plans. Subscribers are able to use whichever plan they feel like at the moment to get their connection recharged. This is definitely in sharp contrast to the post-paid gamut where the customer has to mandatorily follow a plan that he has chosen when taking the connection or opted for midway.

The truth is that the prepaid mode is economical, flexible and gives lots of freedom to the Idea subscriber to choose and select as per his need and requirement. With minimum Idea recharge plans that permit users to stay connected at values that are even less than Rs. 100, it is no doubt a great cause of joy for the common man who has budgetary constraints through the month.

Idea recharge can now easily and effectively take place using online methods. Earlier it required the user to physically visit a branded store or a recharge shop to top-up his connection. However, with fast internet connection and a smartphone at hand, users can now get instant recharges done within minutes, while on the go, from the comfort of their homes – virtually from any place on this Earth.

Wondering how to go about recharging your Idea connection? It is pretty simple and does not involve any high-tech steps. After you do the task once or twice online, it will be like any other routine task that you do.

  1. Go to the Idea Cellular official website and enter your mobile number.
  2. Browse through different plans, choose the one that befits your requirement, enter the amount and the work is done.

The other way of Idea recharge is to go to the website of big-time and reliable payment aggregators online like Paytm, MobiKwik and PhonePe. You can alternately download their App too to carry out the task. Choose Idea Cellular as the operator, enter your phone number, enter the amount and finally make the payments. Here, you can earn some handsome cash-back offers that will make the process more fun because you will end up saving some money.

Online aggregators do not only deal with Idea recharge. They facilitate plenty of other related and non-related services. For example, you can pay your electricity and water bills from the platform; you can recharge your DTH connection and metro smart cards; you can book your rail and air tickets; and so much more. These platforms are your one-stop solutions for undertaking different and diversified tasks – all however related to making payments online. It is crucial that users thoroughly verify and research on the reseller service before choosing one. This is because there could be lots of safety related issues later when you choose to go ahead with lesser known resellers who are still to prove their mettle.

Every entrepreneur is always aiming for the most innovative strategies when it comes to marketing. That’s why the experts are trying their best to incorporate automated systems in promoting brands as well as interacting with potential customers. I guess, we are still lucky because there are IT developers, who created and programmed chatbots, which is the key to turn your dreams into reality. You should know that these individuals are capable of using Artificial Intelligence and instructions for a machine to act and behave like human beings.

That’s how bots are, anyway. It is smart enough, that’s why it can convert your target viewers to consumers. Because of these capabilities, it was used as an important part of any marketing strategy. Since the existence of this application, the developers never stopped and continued working on enhancing its features and functions for better brand promotion. Actually, if you are going to look at the digital marketing techniques, it is very simple. A viewer will check on your products online and he will ask questions. And then, the chatbot will automatically answer and satisfy the consumer.

For a layman, that’s all they can see, and it is like magic because of the automated features. But for an entrepreneur, he still needs to hire experts from Smart Bot Marketers for this magical system to work out. I guess, integrating these systems is necessary because a lot of target viewers can appreciate the way it interacts with them. But this reason is not enough for a marketing team to fully integrate it on their strategies. As a businessman, you will surely expect a lot more from using chatbots today and for the future of your company.

Optimized for Mobile

I know that a lot of users are over the Internet. However, not everybody is browsing from their desktop or laptop computers. Many of them are simply relying on their mobile devices when shopping because they find it more convenient to use. Besides, it is a lighter and portable computing machine.

Of course, our developers made sure that can also use their automated system on smartphones. That’s why they come up with a solution and that is to make their smart applications compatible with a mobile device. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy the features and functions of the bots, which are used in marketing, especially when it comes to interaction.

In my opinion, it is very important for a marketer to greatly consider the platform that their target viewers are using. The developers must be able to make sure that their system is versatile. This means that it can both be used with a machine that is comfortable for the users. Through this, you will be very useful and the reason why people will keep on coming to visit your site. Anyway, this link at, shows a few examples, where these smart systems are used on their mobile apps.

Social Media

You are surely aware that millions of individuals are actively using their social media accounts. Actually, as of 2016, Facebook is the widely used channel in the United States. It only means that it is the most effective social media channel that marketers may rely on when it comes to promoting their products and services as well as integrating bots.

We are all aware that these social media channels will increase its popularity from time to time. I supposed you are also aware that users can easily change from one media to another. They often choose the one with the highest rating and the number of users. Because of these, the experts must always be prepared with this by integrating chatbots on several platforms. This means that they are not only going to set up and create a program for one account but with others as well.

Let’s say that, if you are going to target users, who are not allowed to use Facebook, then make sure that your bot will work on the application that they can use. Anyway, what is more, important here is, for you to update all your platforms, their contents and the features on a regular basis. Through this way, the visitors and current users will know that you are active and seriously promoting your brand.

Application Aggregation

Going back to the added features of your system. Your chatbot will not only answer questions and give limited information. It is also capable of aggregation, where there is no need to individually give instructions for a particular application – check this related site for further reading.

For example, if your business is a restaurant. Then a user may ask a menu and also need instructions on how to reach your location. Of course, your bot will provide a list of dishes available. And then, it will also provide a map, so that the consumer will learn how to get to the restaurant. It may also provide the time needed to reach the destination as long as the place of origin will be provided.

Customer Satisfaction

Basically, it is the goal of every entrepreneur to satisfy the needs of every consumer. When this happens, this person would keep on coming back and may influence other consumers, too. This is the ultimate goal of every marketer, whether it is online or not. They have to make sure that their customers will feel that they are being valued and cared for.

As a business owner, you can do this through the help of the chatbot. Because of this automated system, which is available 24 hours a day, there would be an immediate response to a customer’s query. The consistency of the information provided will be maintained. This is all in their program and that is what these bots are instructed to do so.

Due to the availability of these AI-based apps, business owners received instantaneous gratifications. Of course, this is good news because it only shows that people are supporting them and getting along with their brand. Indeed, this is a good sign that everything will prosper in the future.